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The right selection for all of your environmental aspects. Managing ISO14000/EMAS. More and more maturity in managing environmental areas of business operations requires a shift of organisational efforts into a more in-depth knowledge of your environmental problems and performance tracking. Therefore gaining a competitive advantage of your business is all about the right selection and proper monitoring of your environmental problems or opportunities. This very core of Environmental Management System says you really need a trustworthy and complete environmental aspects software manager.


  • Saving time on aspect identification and recording
  • Reducing risk of inappropriate environmental investment decisions
  • Smplifying performance tracking
  • Integrating with backwards compatibility raw environmental data
  • Improving report accuracy and precision

Product Description:
This computer program includes tools for improving the quality in assessing environmental impacts of your activity, finding legislation statements relevant to your organization; identifying significant environmental aspects, and building environmental management programs with your own specific targets in mind.

ISO 14000-SOZAT is an excellent tool for activity tracking and monitoring. ISO reporter which is one of the program's elements, facilitates the generating of necessary environmental aspect reports required by stakeholders.

ISO 14000-SOZAT includes:

  • Aspect register
  • Environmental program manager
  • ISO reporter - Aspects and program performance reporting tool

All of this could be nested into a comprehensive environmental data management system, including air emission, waste, wastewater, and water intake module.

Running your ISO-14001 system smoothly means understanding your true environmental problems, and that is where our system comes in.

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