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SRTmaster maintains the optimum environment for microorganisms in an activated sludge system and optimum conditions for thickening of the wasted sludge. SRTmaster controls sludge retention time (SRT) also known as sludge age. It does this by using a sophisticated control algorithm that takes into account real time variations in solids inventory in the aeration tanks and in solids to be wasted. Analyzing historical patterns of sludge wasting, SRTmaster also provides stable solid mass loading on the wasted sludge thickening facility while filtering out any erroneous data. SRTmaster is custom-tuned to the customer’s specific activated sludge process. The software will inform operators of potential problems and suggest corrective action.

  • Each control algorithm is tuned before delivery using a customized computerized model of the customer's activated sludge process
  • The unique sensor fault detection algorithm detects problems with the sensors and prevents the use of faulty data
  • A special algorithm provides stable wasted solids mass loading on the sludge thickening facility
  • The unique output data filtration algorithm guarantees that maintaining the SRT target will never have a negative effect on the performance of clarification by maintaining mixed liquor concentration within the specified range
  • By maintaining the mass of wasted sludge within the specified range, SRTmaster guarantees that a wasted sludge thickening facility will be never overloaded
  • The controller automatically notifies operators about potential problems and suggests possible solutions using fuzzy logic methodology combined with non-parametric statistics.

  • 1997: As a part of a large research project, Dr. Alex Ekster develops the first prototype of the SRT control algorithm and tests it at the 167 MGD San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) acknowledges this project as the best research of the year and awards Dr. Ekster a Phillip Morgan Medal.
  • 1998: Dr. Ekster launches Ekster and Associates. Ekster and Associates develops a more robust version of the SRT control algorithm using several years of experience in operating SRT control systems.
  • 1999: Ekster and Associates enters into an agreement with Royce Instrument Corporation to market SRT controllers.
  • 2001: The Royce SRT controller, designed according to Dr. Ekster's specifications and powered by Ekster and Associates' SRT control software, receives the 2001 WEF Innovation Award.
  • 2002: Ekster and Associates stops licensing SRT control technology to Royce and starts direct licensing to treatment plants. Ekster and Associates increases the product line from one SRTmaster version to four.

  • SRTmaster will stabilize activated sludge and sludge thickening processes.
  • SRTmaster will never calculate waste flow based on faulty data.
  • SRTmaster will always inform operators about potential problems related to biomass and will suggest possible solutions.

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