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Streamline-SBP-SS is an integrated software system designed to enhance the post-processing capabilities of Bathy 2000/2000P series high resolution sub-bottom profilers manufactured by. Streamline-SBP-SS (formerly named Bathy-2000W Shore Station') is designed to process and perform technical analyses of Bathy 2000 and 2000P sub-bottom data and to provide the user with easy-to-use visualization and archive management tools. Streamline-SBP-SS operates as a 'Shore Station'; providing post-processing functionality and visualization of data previously collected by Bathy 2000/2000P systems. The shore station version permits scientists to view the sub-bottom data after it has been offloaded from the Bathy 2000P system. Streamline-SBP-RT is the expanded version of Streamline-SBP-SS that supports integrated real time operation with a Bathy 2000/2000P system.

Streamline-SBP-SS incorporates features commonly found in a Windows environment including standard menus and toolbars, movable and resizable windows, clipboard compatibility, the ability to save screen images to Bitmap (BMP) files, and graphic controls.  Streamline-SBP-SS also takes advantage of the increased graphic display resolution and speed of Windows graphic display adapters to provide greater detail when viewing sub-bottom data.

Streamline-SBP-SS supports printing images of any data display window to Windows compatible printers.  Hardcopy is supported for all Windows printers including grey scale and color.  In addition, Streamline-SBP-SS includes a custom parallel port interface to all models of Syqwest's Thermal Graphic Recorder (TDU) product line and EPC 9800 Series printers allowing continuous grey scale hardcopy output of sub-bottom records.

Streamline-SBP-SS includes five main display and control utilities: The Tools Control, System Status Monitor, Remote Control/Status, Sub-Bottom and Amplitude Display windows.  At any time you can rest the mouse cursor over any object within the graphic user interface to get a 'tool tip' that describes the content of the data field.  The main window and all child windows are fully resizable (with the exception of the Remote Control/Status window) and may be moved freely about the screen.

The System Status Monitor displays system status and general parameter information for each data record. All information is updated in the System Status Monitor for each acoustic data record stored in the Syqwest (ODEC) formatted SEGY file. The value displayed in any field on the System Status Monitor in Replay Mode represent the values when the acoustic data record was archived. Referring to the figure of the Streamline-SBP application interface above, the parameters shown in the System Status Monitor include the following: 

Sample Time   

Date and time stamp for the current acoustic data record.

Geographic Position   

Geographic position of the current acoustic data record. The display format of the longitude/latitude parameters is user-selectable (e.g., Decimal Degrees, Degrees-Decimal Minutes or Degrees-Minutes-Decimal Seconds). Click the arrowed buttons to the right of the longitude/latitude display fields to select a display format.

Ship Speed

The ship speed is read from the SEG-Y data file and represents the speed in knots.

Estimated Heading   

The estimated heading is a calculated value based on the longitude/latitude information between two successive acoustic data records. This value is only an estimate, at best, and should not be used for navigation purposes.


Digitized depth value in current measurement units for the current acoustic data record. The channel 2 display fields will be filled with zeroes unless the data file contains dual channel information.


Measured noise displayed in units of decibels.


Measured acoustic echo strength displayed in units of decibels.

System Messages   

Displays any system or operator messages. The System messages field also displays Streamline-SBP-SS system, annotation and error messages.

Alarm Status

Visual 'Shallow Water' and 'Bottom Lost' status indicators with audio warning.  The audio warning is activated only if the system running Streamline-SBP-SS has a sound card and speakers connected to the system. The status indicators are displayed as follows:
a. Dull green – Idle Mode.
b. Bright Green – Status is ok.
c. Red – Alarm condition activated.

The System Control Center displays processing controls and transmit/receive values as they were set during data acquisition.

Display and processing controls include utilities to modify data presentation in the sub-bottom and amplitude display windows.  Utilizing the Display and Processing Controls, the user may modify:

  • Depth range (increments of 10 measurement units) and phase selection with auto phasing option;
  • Time-varied gain;
  • Specially designed contrast and intensity gain filters that enhance data clarity and presentation;

When replaying archived data (playback mode), Streamline-SBP-SS displays the values of operational parameters as set during acquisition.  The parameters include (Note not all of the parameters and/or selections described here are available on every Bathy 2000 or 2000P system):

  • Operation Mode (FM or CW modes);
  • Power Level;
  • Transmit Mode (Single ping, dual channel, pinger, multi-ping);
  • Transmit Rate;
  • Pulse Length;
  • Sweep Band;
  • System Gain;
  • Sound Speed.

The Sub-Bottom Display window provides an animated scrolling view of sub-bottom data. The window is fully resizable allowing users to expand the view to obtain better graphic resolution.  The selected color palette is shown at the top of the form with increasing intensity from left to right.  In addition, the Sub-Bottom Display window provides the user, while replaying archived data files, the ability to quickly scroll either forward or backward in time.  A sliding control and date/time display fields are used to control the quick scrolling feature.  Scrolling forward in time by 1/8 of a screen is accomplished by clicking on the right arrow of the scroll bar or 1/4 of a screen by clicking in the scroll area of the scroll bar anywhere to the right of the scroll button.  Backward scrolling in time is accomplished by clicking the left arrow or clicking in the scroll area to the left of the scroll button.  You can also drag the scroll button (Note that the scroll button graphically details the relative position of record being displayed with the start of the scroll bar representing the start of the file and end of scroll bar being the end of file) in any direction to go to a particular record. The date time fields will change as you drag the scroll bar button indicating the record you will move to when you finally let go of the button by unclicking.  The user may also control the visibility of bottom tracking gates, event and annotation marks, and grid lines and even use the slope tool to determine seafloor slope.

The Amplitude Display details the magnitude of each data sample for an individual acoustic return.  The Amplitude Display will resize to be the same height as the Sub-Bottom Display whenever the Sub-Bottom Form is resized and will also move with the Sub-Bottom Display whenever it is dragged.  Depth range and phase window selection is also matched between the Amplitude Display and Sub-Bottom Display.

The Tools Control includes functions to control the operational state of the Streamline-SBP-SS. You can rest your cursor over any toolbar button to get a 'tooltip' that defines the function of that button.  Available functions include:

  • Open File - Use the standard Windows 'Open File' dialog to select files for replay or remote monitoring;
  • Search Functions - Use the search function (available in replay mode only) to locate any data record by entering the desired date and time or location (specified by longitude and latitude). Upon locating the specified data record, playback of the data is resumed starting at that record.
  • Pause - Pause the current operation;
  • Fast Forward - Available in replay mode only this function cause the system to replay the data as quickly as possible.
  • Play - Replays data at the same rate as it was recorded.
  • Step - Step one data record at a time (available in replay mode only).

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