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Professional with full-featured mobile GIS SDK that supports 2D and 3D application development, online applications and offline applications.

Data Management

  • Support MVT vector tiles, online and offline maps.
  • Support local vector format: udb, shp, mif, dwg, dxf, kml, kmz, etc.
  • Support local raster format: tiff, geotiff, img, sit, sci, jpg, png, bmp, etc.
  • Support 3D data: fine models, tilt photography, point clouds, terrain, BIM, etc.
  • Support online maps: Google Map, open street map, OGC, SuperMap Online, etc.

Navigation Engine

  • Traditional navigation:professional navigation data, nationwide navigation.
  • Industry navigation: support custom data navigation such as scenic spots and parks.
  • Indoor navigation: based on 2D, 3D indoor maps, cross-floor navigation.

Map Experience

  • Support AR map and two control modes of proximity and follow.
  • Support voice assist mode.
  • High-performance visualization with smooth display of GB-level complex scene data.
  • Support visualization of aggregate map, heat map, grid map and relationship map.

Spatial Analysis

  • New access to distributed analysis services, including aggregation, density, regional aggregation, buffer, overlay, grid index and other ten analysis services.
  • Support local spatial analysis, including buffer analysis, overlay analysis, network analysis, etc.

Cross Platform

  • Support Android, iOS, operating system.
  • Support secondary development through JavaScript and one set of code running on both Android and iOS platforms.

Data Collection

  • Support node editing, hand-drawn editing, voice input, co-edge editing and other functions.
  • Support satellite positioning, dot drawing, manual dot drawing, gesture drawing, graffiti drawing, etc.


  • Supports 3D visualization of multiple data such as oblique photogrammetry, BIM, laser point cloud.
  • Support HTC VIVE Focus VR all-in-one device terminal.
  • Provide BOX cutting and plane cutting.

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