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Surge is Nortek's graphical current profile data processing software. It accepts raw data files from the Nortek series of Aquadopp Profilers, the AWAC, and the Continental. Surge smallNortek Surge gives you a quick and precise insight into the current profiler data you have collected. Supported instruments are the Nortek series of Aquadopp Profilers, the AWAC, and the Continental. If you are going to do wave analysis, we recommend the Nortek Storm software, which includes a wave analysis module. Instead of writing your own display programs, you can look at the data in four resizable panels showing your current profiler data as a contour plot, time series, or as individual current profiles.

Nortek Surge allows you to zoom in to understand the time scales, edit out bad data, smooth and decimate, change coordinate system – all with a click of your mouse. When you are ready to move on, just send the graphical views off to the printer or convert the data to ASCII files for further processing in your own programs.

The processing includes SNR threshold rejection, selectable averaging intervals (hourly, daily, custom); and coordinate conversion allowing you to move back and forth among beam, ENU and XYZ coordinates.

Surge requires a valid license key to run and can be purchased online. Go to our Support page and register, if needed. The serial number will be sent you by e-mail upon ordering.

Since Surge is Storm without wave analysis, the Storm demo version may even be used to evaluate Surge.

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