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SVSLOPE represents the new standard in 2D/3D slope stability analysis. Users can perform classic limit equilibrium slope analysis of soil or rock slopes by the method of slices or newer stress-based methods. Comprehensive 2D slip surface searching and pore-water pressure conditions and innovative 3D spatial analysis allow modeling at new levels.

Choose various analysis methods
Fourteen different analysis methods, including classic method of slices such as Bishop, Janbu, Spencer, Morgenstern-Price, GLE, and stress-based methods. Perform hybrid Kulhawy analysis by importing stress fields from SVSOLID in 2D and 3D.

Create limit equilibrium models
2D/3D Limit equilibrium slope stability modeling of soil and rock slopes.

Creation of geometry
Creation of geometrically complex digital twin 3D models with the SVDESIGNER™ conceptual model builder. Creation of 3D models from triangulated surfaces (TINS). Multiple 3D model-building methodologies (Extrusions, 2D cross-section stitching, 3D layer cake, or material volume method).

External loading conditions represented
External loading conditions can be represented in 2D or 3D models.

Import external models
Import SLOPE/W, Slide, and CLARA-W models for further analysis.

Reduce solution times
Parallel processing and improved solution algorithm greatly reduce solution times. Parallel processing and CPU core sensing and management controller implemented for MPA computations. One or two-way sensitivity analysis allows the generation of a contoured surface based on the relationship between two input variables.

Searching methods
Comprehensive critical slip surface searching methods are available, including dynamic programming, the Greco method, and the Cuckoo Search Method (NEW). Optimization of critical slip surfaces in 2D and 3D (NEW) are also available. Automatic determination of slip direction in 3D is also new. Improved block searching in 2D (NEW) is possible, as well.

Spatial searching methods
Multi-Plane Slope Stability Analysis (MPA) enables spatial slope stability analysis in 2D and 3D (NEW). Advanced 2D/3D probablistic analysis such as Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, and the Alternative Point Estimation Method (APEM) in 2D and 3D.

Support for constitutive models
Support for over 20 different soil and rock strength models, including Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown, Undrained, Anisotropic, Bilinear, Frictional-Undrained, Duncan-Chang Hyperbolic, von Mises, Drueker-Praeger, Cam-Clay, ALM1/ALM2/ALM3/ALM4, and four unsaturated shear strength models.

Support for reinforced slopes
Extensive support for reinforced slopes including grouted anchors, micropiles, and geomembranes.

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