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- Knowledge-Based Saturated/Unsaturated Soil Property Database Software



SVSOILS is the world’s premier product for estimating the hydraulic properties for flow modeling in unsaturated soils. Our database contains data on more than 6,200 soil-water characteristic curves and provides numerous theoretical methods of estimating the soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curve. Methods for managing shear strength, triaxial, thermal, and fate and transport properties are also present.

Application for estimating soil properties
Premier and unique application for the estimation of unsaturated soils' behavior in seepage modeling.

Automatically classify soils
Automatic soil classification by USCS or USDA methods.

Calculate volume-mass properties
Calculate volume-mass properties of an air-water-soil mixture using any three measured properties.

Data mining
Searchable database of over 6,200 soils, each containing a minimum of a soil-water characteristic curve. Estimate unsaturated soil properties through data mining.

Easy-to-use redesigned interface
Redesigned simple user interface: Increased workflow efficiency with powerful data mining/searching capabilities.

Import unsaturated constitutive models
Import unsaturated constitutive model into SVFLUX for unsaturated seepage modeling.

Manage model constitutive data for saturated/unsaturated flow
Management of modeling constitutive data for saturated/unsaturated flow, shear strength, compressibility, consolidation, thermal, pore-air flow, and fate and transport material properties.

Perform theoretical theories

Theoretical estimations of:

  • soil-water characteristic curve by nine methods
  • saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivities
  • the Fredlund & Wilson provides a reliable method to estimate the soil-water characteristic curve for sands, silts, and clays
  • estimate thermal conductivities

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