- Software for the Temporary Monitoring of Rotating Machinery


SysTeo is a temporary monitoring system for rotating machinery or structures. Integrated in the OROS SmartRouter, it is capable of highly efficient remote monitoring and remote diagnostics.

SysTeo is a tool designed to record and analyse dynamic signals in order to place a machine or an industrial system under temporary surveillance. It is used to quickly and efficiently deploy monitoring systems that are adapted to the situation in terms of the alarm settings, the memorisation of signals, the capture of disruptive or temporary phenomena, the monitoring of levels or of a particular phenomenon over time.

SysTeo uses the analysis of vibration signals in most of its main applications, which include:

  • the detection of temporary phenomena,
  • the immediate implementation of the continuous monitoring of machines, without any need for heavy instrumentation,
  • the monitoring of ambient vibrations, exposure of sensitive systems or persons to vibrations,
  • the continuous observation of a set of parameters associated with the operation of a system (e.g., speed, pressure, temperature, displacement, current, etc.).

SysTeo directly controls an OROS FFT analyser with 4 to 32 dynamic channels:
four settings channels, eight logic I/Os and one tachometric input. The interface can be used to easily configure acquisition (e.g., frequency range, duration, type of sensor, etc.) and all the data used to take measurements. Users simply have to indicate the nature of the data to be memorised (spectrum, scalar or status indicators, temporal signals), the indicators to be monitored, the associated alarms (instantaneous or mean levels, overall levels, spectral templates) and the monitoring conditions (e.g., start date, speed range, temperature level, valve open or closed, etc.).


When used with the OROS SmartRouter®, SysTeo® becomes a complete, standalone and secure system that can be remotely
controlled and consulted. Thanks to its own batteries and power supply management system, it can monitor systems continuously. SysTeo® also sends warnings of alarms and operational faults by e-mail. And control over the internet makes it a powerful remote analysis tool.


When the monitoring process starts, SysTeo activates the real-time analyser and initiates the monitoring settings. The conditions that start the monitoring process can be configured (date, speed threshold, thresholds on slow channels, a particular condition on the logical channels). The monitoring process will only start once all the conditions are met, and will be interrupted as soon as one of the conditions is no longer met.


SysTeo is designed for continuous monitoring without overloading the hard drive with useless data. It is possible to memorise spectral, scalar or logical data at regular intervals, or to occasionally memorise spectra that correspond to the switch to an alarm state, or temporal signals sent by a counter or an alarm.

In this way, statistical data can be stored (e.g., spectra demarcating maximum values, number of changes of status of a logical input, average RPM level of a cycle, etc.).

This operation is repeated throughout the monitoring process and the data is gradually recorded for subsequent sorting and processing.


Alarms can be activated by spectral templates, the value of the partial overall level of each dynamic channel, the thresholds of the DC channels, a speed range or the status of the logical inputs. Inputs in alarm state are memorised and the acquisition of a temporal signal of all the analyser's channels with a pre-trigger can be programmed. Inputs in an alarm state can also activate an all-or-nothing output in order to trigger an action (e.g., activation of a relay, light or sound signal, etc.).

Analysis Tools
SysTeo can be used to permanently view the various measured or calculated graphs by configuring 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 display windows. Parameters can also be viewed in real time (e.g., monitoring a particular frequency). An event log is kept at the end of the monitoring process. The log contains all the details of the archived data. This means that a given period can be selected and analysed (e.g. extraction of a speed graph, a temperature level or an overall level). All the data can be used in advanced processing tools (e.g., NVGate, DynamX, etc.).

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