- Enterprise Asset Management Solution Software

TabWare Enterprise is the leading CMMS/EAM solution for enterprise-size companies who want full functionality without the expense, resources and time other solutions demand. TabWare is proven to maximize asset performance, resulting in reduced operating costs and higher profit margins. TabWare is designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals making it is easy to learn and easy to use, so companies are able to get up and running in days. AssetPoint offers flexible deployment options including a cloud computing solution (SaaS), online or on-site solution for companies who want TabWare on their own servers.

TabWare can be configured to your specific work processes, and its high user adoption rates avoid costly, consulting-intensive implementations that other more expensive solutions require. TabWare's customers represent industries like Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Manufacturing,Food & Beverage, plus many more. 

TabWare is proven to handle any type of maintenance operation and is an excellent solution for companies whose success depends on the performance of their assets.  TabWare provides the information you need to maximize the performance of your assets, control maintenance costs and improve your operational efficiency. 

AssetPoint also offers TabWare Express, a cost-effective SaaS based CMMS/EAM solution for small and medium size businesses.


To maximize asset performance, equipment maintenance software focuses on equipment records as their foundation. Equipment records anchor most maintenance tasks and activities. You need to capture different types of information about your assets along with how they are used, where they are located and whether they are in service.

Quick access to equipment information directly impacts your ability to provide effective maintenance. This reduces the potential for introducing equipment failures while performing maintenance and saves time searching for the proper information. Automatic printing of equipment-specific Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures along with the work order helps mitigate the risk of personal injury.

The ability to view equipment assemblies, sub-assemblies, components and parts is important to maximizing asset performance and improving technician wrench time by eliminating time spent searching for parts.

TabWare’s Equipment Module records information you need to manage your assets including, but not limited to:

  • Equipment nameplate data (manufacturer, model, serial number, sizing, etc.)
  • Specifications, warranty and purchasing information
  • Accounting information
  • Location and criticality information
  • Documents and video files
  • User-defined data fields
  • Hierarchy of components, assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts
  • Maintenance and cost history

TabWare’s equipment module supports ISO 14224 standard for collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment.

Key Features

Information stored in TabWare’s Equipment Module is integrated throughout other TabWare modules to help maximize asset performance. For example, inventory items listed on the hierarchy are integrated with the TabWare Inventory Module.

Key features include:

  • Reach any function with just 2 mouse clicks
  • TabWare's Query Wizard provides quick access to equipment and easy reporting
  • Warranty management alerts users when work orders are entered
  • Specify multiple meters for equipment to drive preventive maintenance
  • Hierarchy view identifies plants, areas, systems, equipment, assemblies, parts, etc.
  • Create work orders and requisitions directly from the equipment hierarchy
  • Link any type of document to equipment and classes of equipment
  • Specify components by equipment and equipment class for failure reporting and analysis
  • Move equipment from one location to another directly from the equipment hierarchy


Here are just a few benefits customers experience when using the TabWare Equipment Module:

  • One platform to manage all equipment
  • Quick access to selected equipment information
  • Reduced costs
  • Warranty protection
  • Track all repair and maintenance costs
  • Single and multiple-plant views of equipment
  • Quickly identify equipment relationships
  • Easily identify parts and assemblies
  • Quickly set up meters and their measurement units for PM
  • Link documents one time for access by all
  • Cost history and maintenance history are available at a glance
  • Costs are rolled up through the equipment hierarchy
  • Create requisitions and work orders directly within the equipment module

TabWare manages equipment information from one platform. It provides a hierarchy for parts and cost rollup plus it anchors work orders, equipment history, warranty management and related documents. TabWare’s equipment maintenance software is easy to learn and easy to use.


As you may have heard before “You can’t improve what you don’t control, and you can’t control what you don’t measure.” TabWare Analytics helps customers manage their business process and evolve toward best-in-class maintenance organizations. TabWare customers receive an interactive analytics foundation and the option to upgrade that provides tools to create, configure and manage integrated visualizations of TabWare data that is crucial in facilitating the continuous improvement of their maintenance operations.

With TabWare Analytics, data stored in TabWare CMMS/EAM is accessible for use in the creation and distribution of user-configureable, customer specific dashboards and metrics that meet their specific asset management business objectives.


Leveraging the easy to use and robust Analytics platform, visualizations provide the ability to manage KPIs, trends, multi-dimensional and what if analysis and can be merged with relevant enterprise data from other departments or external vendors. With the Analytics web access, organizations have anywhere-access to more relevant and comprehensive data on desktop, tablet or smartphone, enabling them to employ “manage by exception” principals.


Self-service interactive dashboards include intuitive point-and-click controls like filter lists, range sliders, and data brushing which allow for deep data exploration and thorough ad hoc reporting and analysis, making it easy to use from end user to power user.

TabWare Analytics integrates with the TabWare CMMS/EAM.

Key Features

  • Powerful, interactive multi-dimensional analysis
  • Easily configurable reporting
  • Flexible, comprehensive view of data
  • Visualizations provide ability to manage specific KPI's
  • Intuitive point-and-click controls like filter lists and range sliders means rapid user adoption
  • Integrated with TabWare CMMS EAM to support strategic planning needs


  • Web access gives users anywhere, anytime access viewing from smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Easy to use from end-user to power-user
  • Self-service for customer specific analysis
  • View relevant data for your unique business needs
  • Facilitate continuous improvement for your maintenance operations


Maintenance work is identified and requested from everywhere in your organization. From simple hot/cold temperature adjustment requests to generated preventive maintenance work orders and highly sophisticated automated alerts of equipment issues, you need an easy way to manage and organize your work. Work order management software helps organize and control your work.

The TabWare Work Order module is easy to use to help manage all your maintenance and project-related work including:

  • Routine work
  • Corrective work
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) work
  • Emergency work
  • Project, shutdown and outage work
  • Environmental, Health and Safety work

Approving work orders has never been easier with TabWare’s mobile approval feature. Available on tablets and smartphones, mobile work order approval enables managers to avoid delaying the approval process.

TabWare provides a single platform to organize and manage all your work from initial requests through approval cycles, planning, scheduling, execution, completion and reporting.

Work Planning
Many maintenance organizations operate in a break-fix mode where they simply react to problems and record the work after the fact. While TabWare supports this type of operation, it also provides a quick and easy transition to planned maintenance. Work planning is an integral part of an effective maintenance management system.

Planned maintenance is safer and less costly than reactive maintenance.
When a work order is completed, all labor, parts, costs and activities are recorded and are immediately available for planning similar work. For example: when you need to repair a pump, you can simply copy a previous work order for pump repair to the current work order and you instantly have a complete list of parts, labor and activities to do the work. With TabWare, you can typically plan this work in 1 or 2 minutes with complete integration of the needed parts with inventory.

TabWare also provides standard job plans for repetitive work which is a more formal library of standard work processes along with parts, instructions, permits, personal protective equipment, resource/skill requirements and tools required.

TabWare’s Work Order module also provides PM Master Plans from which PM work orders are generated.
Project work is supported by TabWare’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) where a single work order can be divided into tasks and sub-tasks with cost roll-up to the base work order. Work orders can also be linked together with project numbers for projects, shutdowns and outages. Project work is not included in routine maintenance operations and project material requirements do not impact normal inventory stocking level settings nor allocations.

Key Features
TabWare’s robust Work Order Module is integrated with other TabWare modules to help maximize asset performance. For example, stock items listed on work order job plans are integrated with the TabWare Inventory Module where parts are allocated to the work order and then reserved when the work is scheduled. Key features include:

  • Create a work order with just 2 mouse clicks (and you can close the work order with the same function)
  • TabWare's Query Wizard provides quick access and easy sorting/selection of your maintenance backlog
  • Easily build job plans from completed work orders
  • Use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for tasks and sub-tasks to handle complex projects
  • Drag and drop parts from the equipment hierarchy or from an inventory query directly to work orders
  • Create requisitions directly from work orders
  • Easily specify needed skills and resources and work assignments on work orders
  • Easy review and approval work flow
  • Equipment-related documents are automatically linked to work orders
  • Link any type of document to work orders
  • Track all repair and maintenance costs
  • Automatic cost roll up of work order tasks and sub-tasks
  • Budgets for projects can be specified at the work order, task and sub-task level
  • Capture component, condition and actions to support RCM and root-cause failure


  • Here are just a few benefits customers experience when using the TabWare Work Order Module:
  • Maximized asset performance
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced overtime
  • Improved “wrench time”
  • Reduced cost
  • Keeps technicians off the computer and on maintenance tasks
  • Integration with inventory gets the right parts to the right place at the right time
  • Improved management command and control
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for U.S. public companies
  • Improved safety
  • Support for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) programs
  • Support for lean maintenance programs

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) system is critical to effective asset management. From inspection tasks designed to detect impending failures to lubrication and wear part replacement, your PM system is the first line of defense against unplanned downtime and equipment failures.

TabWare provides a single platform to easily plan, organize and manage all your PM work including building PM Master Plans, linking them to equipment and scheduling PM work order generation. TabWare provides a comprehensive audit trail of all PM work and reports schedule compliance.

Key Features

  • PM Master Plans are pre-planned work orders stored in TabWare
  • Link a single PM Master Plan to multiple equipment items (such as all pumps)
  • Link a single equipment item to multiple PM Master Plans (PM program for equipment)
  • Schedule PM work orders by time and/or units such as hours of operation or meters
  • Automatic PM roll-up for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual PMs
  • Hold generation of a new PM pending completion of an existing PM
  • Changes to equipment operating status (out of service/in service) stops/starts PM work
  • 52-week PM look ahead shows resource requirements and allows adjustments
  • Schedule compliance reported on KPI dashboards


  • Maximized asset performance and reduced unplanned downtime
  • Increased throughput and line efficiency
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Automatic PM work order generation with lead time for scheduling
  • Quickly identify all affected equipment for each PM master plan 
  • Improved management command and control
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Identify complete PM program for a particular piece of equipment
  • Support for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) programs
  • Support for lean maintenance and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs

We recommend your PM system be based on a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program to define the necessary tasks and schedule their execution to maximize asset performance.

A preventive maintenance system is an integral part of a maintenance management solution and maximizes asset performance. An effective preventive maintenance system also supports predictive maintenance by planning and scheduling their tasks as PM work orders.


TabWare’s spare parts inventory management module tracks and optimizes your inventory as part of an integrated CMMS/EAM solution designed to maximize asset performance.

Your spare parts inventory is vital to your production operation because it can prolong production outages when parts aren't available. It is one of the keys to maximizing asset performance.

The overall goal of TabWare’s inventory module is to get the right parts to the right place at the right time to maximize asset performance, optimize stocking levels and improve inventory service.

Key Features

  • Bar code support
  • Multiple warehouse and multiple bin support
  • Stock, non-stock and repairable item management
  • Receiving, inspection and put away support
  • Issues, returns and returns for repair
  • Inventory item allocation and reservation for work orders
  • Pick list support
  • Easily identify obsolete and slow moving items
  • Cycle counting adjustments
  • Cost and transaction history
  • Item kitting and delivery support
  • Interchangeable and substitute part identification
  • Complete transaction audit trails, inventory valuation, balances, and usage levels
  • MSDS and linked hazardous material handling procedures
  • Separate treatment of project demands on item replenishment and stocking policies


  • Maximized asset performance
  • Minimized production downtime
  • Reduced emergency purchasing
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Improved inventory service
  • More accurate inventory information
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Stocking levels not affected by project demands

TabWare’s Inventory module is easy to learn and easy to use. TabWare handles all your maintenance, repair and operations inventory needs from a single integrated inventory module.

Event tracking software is used to capture equipment history and record accidents, emissions, logs, blogs and anything else you need to record.

TabWare’s event tracking software provides a single platform for tracking all types of events, linking documents to the events and capturing follow up actions for a clear audit trail of activities. TabWare can record information on virtually any topic. Here is a brief list of what you can track:

  • Equipment downtime and production stoppages
  • Operator-performed maintenance
  • Shift and supervisor logs
  • Attendance and inspection logs
  • Audit findings, regulatory reports and follow up
  • Accidents, emissions and spills
  • Emergency response training
  • Training, open house and social events
  • Environmental, Health and Safety incidents

Key Features

  • Fast and easy entry of event information
  • Event dates and durations
  • Easily link documents including photos, video, etc. to events
  • Track follow up work
  • Capture event cost information
  • Easily record components, conditions and actions for later analysis


  • Comprehensive audit trail of events and follow up actions
  • All event information is immediately accessible upon entry
  • Eliminate paper-based logs
  • Record history without opening a work order
  • Quick and easy event management

TabWare’s Event Tracking software is easy to learn and easy to use. TabWare is an integrated asset management system designed to maximize asset performance.

Work order scheduling focuses on getting the right skills, parts, tools, appropriate instructions, permits and safety procedures together when the equipment is available. And, just when you think you have it figured out someone calls in sick or production will not release the equipment to you. Sound familiar? We have a solution. TabWare’s work order scheduling software is flexible to work the way you do.

Planned and scheduled maintenance is proven to be safer, more efficient and effective and costs significantly less than break-fix maintenance.

Scheduling with TabWare is quick and easy with a drag and drop approach, and it presents a graphical view of work load leveling across your schedule timeframe and available resources.

Maintenance schedules can be used to improve collaboration between operations and maintenance by mutually reviewing schedules and agreeing on the work to be done.

TabWare supports unlimited scheduling approaches including, but not limited to:

  • Individuals
  • Crews
  • Shifts
  • Areas
  • Projects
  • Equipment
  • Lines
  • Buildings
  • Campus

For more complex scheduling such as shutdowns and turnarounds, TabWare can be integrated with other scheduling tools such as Microsoft Project.

Key Features

  • Define any type and schedule timeframe with resource availability
  • Drag and drop work orders from your work order backlog to a schedule and between schedules
  • Graphical view of workload leveling with resource availability over a timeframe
  • Easily combine PM, routine and corrective work orders into work schedules
  • Automatic parts allocation and reservations driven by schedule dates
  • Alerts you when parts are not available to schedule work
  • Automatic scheduling of work orders when parts become available
  • Separate scheduling and parts ordering for projects
  • Easily rework schedules when resource availability and equipment availability change
  • Integration with TabWare Inventory to generate pick lists for scheduled work


  • Maximized asset performance
  • Increased wrench time for maintenance technicians by reducing travel time
  • Minimized equipment downtime
  • Reduced cost and reduced overtime
  • Parts reserved for work orders assures the right parts at the right time
  • Automatic work scheduling when parts become available saves time
  • Flexibility to schedule the way you work aids rapid acceptance and quick adoption
  • Flexibility to quickly rework schedules when events occur saves time and improves morale

TabWare’s scheduling module is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own. TabWare is an integrated Computerized Maintenance Management System (EAM CMMS) that manages your work scheduling needs and works the way you do. You do not have to change your work processes to use TabWare.


TabWare’s resource module easily tracks staff and contractor information to maximize asset performance.

Technician work assignments must take into consideration the level of training and certifications of an individual as well as their familiarity with equipment and procedures.

TabWare captures individual skills and certifications of your work force for use in assigning work tasks to maximize the performance of your assets, minimize unplanned downtime and improve safety.

TabWare’s Resource module provides a single platform for managing your maintenance staff and contractors. Here are a few items the Resource module tracks:

  • Employee training history
  • Certifications and expiration dates
  • Employee skills and labor rates
  • Locations and supervisor assignments
  • Roles
  • Approval limits
  • Documents related to employees such as medical releases, citations, etc.
  • Emergency contact information
  • Time sheets

Key Features

  • Fast and easy entry of employee information
  • Skill certification tracking
  • Employee and Supervisor notification of training and certification expiration
  • Complete audit trail of work performed and locations
  • Easy entry of time sheet information
  • Integration with TabWare’s Work Order and Scheduling modules
  • User-defined fields let you add additional data to be tracked


  • Easy identification of skills and certifications for work assignments
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all work performed
  • Approval limits ensure policy compliance
  • No forgotten recertification
  • No lapsed skill training

TabWare’s Resource module is easy to learn and easy to use. It is an integrated part of TabWare’s overall maintenance management system. TabWare manages employee and contractor information to maximize asset performance.


TabWare's purchase requisition management helps control spend and is the basis for an overall purchase order tracking software system. Your ability to procure parts, material and services effectively has a direct impact on the performance of your assets and the cost of operations and maintenance. Fully 80% of purchase orders issued by manufacturing firms are for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) purposes.

TabWare’s Requisition module manages internal requisitions and purchasing requests. Easy to learn and easy to use, TabWare’s Requisition module uses a drag and drop approach to create requisition line items and provides a simple efficient work flow to route requisitions through your approval process.  It monitors requisition status from beginning to end.

Approving maintenance requisitions has never been easier with TabWare’s mobile approval. Available on tablets and smartphones, mobile requisition approval enables managers to avoid delaying the approval process.

Here are a few of the types of requisitions TabWare manages:

  • Work order requisitions for stock, non-stock and services
  • Internal storeroom requisitions
  • Services requisitions
  • Inventory replenishment requisitions
  • Project requisitions
  • General requisitions

Key Features

  • Drag and drop items from the TabWare equipment hierarchy
  • Drag and drop items from an inventory query
  • Create requisitions directly from work orders during work planning
  • Split line item costs across multiple accounts
  • Specify delivery locations, dates and times
  • Recommend suppliers (suppliers can be internal storeroom or outside supplier)
  • Specify package quantities
  • Link documents to requisitions
  • Efficiently manage rush orders


  • Minimal keyboard entry
  • More accurate requisitions
  • Ensure policy compliance
  • Timely reviews and approvals
  • Audit trail of all requisition actions
  • No lost requisitions

With TabWare’s optional TabLink module you can create requisitions using drag and drop directly from supplier eCatalogs using your negotiated pricing.

TabWare’s Requisition module is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own. TabWare can manage all your requisition needs to maximize asset performance.

TabWare purchase order tracking software manages procurement for maintenance, MRO inventory and operations in an easy to use EAM CMMS solution.

Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) purchases account for over 80% of the volume of purchase orders issued in most manufacturing operations and often consumes over 80% of purchasing resources.

MRO purchasing, due to its ad hoc nature, is usually managed with purchasing requisitions. Expenditure control could quickly get out of hand. The key is to estimate what supplies and services are regularly required and issue regular purchase orders or releases against blanket orders. TabWare's effective purchasing software helps control costs by enforcing approval processes and using negotiated pricing.

TabWare fully supports MRO purchasing and reduces overall procurement time and effort 50% or more with electronic requisitions and approvals, access to supplier eCatalogs, streamlined PO issue and expediting. TabWare’s purchase order tracking software monitors purchase orders from creation and issue to delivery and payment.

Key Features

  • Supports centralized and distributed purchasing operations
  • Easily “punches-out” to the internet for access to supplier eCatalogs with your pricing agreements for quick and accurate requisitions
  • Supports purchase orders, change orders, blanket orders and service orders and electronic POs
  • Allows multiple accounts on a single line item and supports multiple currencies
  • Configurable automatic PO issue for items on Blanket Orders
  • Automated requisition generation for stock item replenishment
  • Manages supplier information including minimums,  terms and conditions, contacts, etc.
  • The procurement specialist can manage their backlog of order requests from a single window
  • Quick and easy approvals with limits and controls
  • Expediting function monitors deliveries and promised dates
  • Complete audit trail of reviews and approvals


  • Controls purchasing spend
  • Controls maverick spending by forcing purchases from pricing agreements
  • Purchase for multiple locations
  • Improved supplier relations
  • Purchasing history and supplier history facilitates negotiations
  • Enforces corporate governance policies through approval limits, spend controls and internal audit support for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Configurable to work the way you work
  • Easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own


TabWare’s spare parts inventory management tracks multiple warehouses and multiple bins with a quick and easy parts locator and supports bar codes.

Your ability to store and retrieve parts and materials efficiently has a direct impact on the performance of your assets as well as the cost of operations and maintenance. You need to know where part quantities are stored to improve technician wrench time, increase inventory turns and minimize purchasing needs.

TabWare manages demand by transferring parts to the needed warehouses/bins for quick locating and easy retrieval.  TabWare optimizes inventory by managing multiple storage locations, providing inventory views across storerooms, warehouses and plants.

TabWare’s Multiple Warehousing module provides a single platform for efficiently storing and retrieving parts across your organization.

Key Features

  • Store parts and materials close to their usage locations
  • Support for multiple warehouses, multiple storerooms and multiple bin locations
  • Transfer parts between bins, storerooms, warehouses and plants
  • Designate specific storerooms to supply parts for specific equipment
  • Designate internal supply sources for specific storerooms
  • Support pick lists for each storeroom
  • Support bar codes for accurate part identification and transaction recording


  • Improved technician efficiency
  • Improved inventory service levels
  • Reduced stock outs
  • Reduced outside purchases
  • Increased inventory turns

TabWare’s Multiple Warehousing module is easy to learn and easy to use. It is an integrated part of TabWare’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.

TabWare effectively manages inventory storage and retrieval needs to maximize asset performance.

TabWare Vendor Invoice Processing provides 2-way and 3-way matching of invoices with purchase orders and receipts for accurate payment, appropriate discounts and to identify variances. Accurate payment of invoices saves money by taking advantage of discounts and paying only for what you received.

TabWare’s Invoice Matching module provides a single point for accurate and easy invoice processing.

Key Features

  • Supports 2-way and 3-way invoice matching
  • Manages invoices not associated with a purchase order (direct charge invoices)
  • Manages discounts and credit memos
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Handles tax accruals and freight charges
  • Allows tolerance settings for invoice variances
  • Links documents to invoice records
  • Manages approval of vouchers for payment
  • Approved transactions are available for integration with accounting systems
  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail of invoice matching activities


  • Accurate and timely payments
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Pay only for what you received
  • Reduce invoice processing time

TabWare’s Invoice Matching module is easy to learn and easy to use and is an integrated part of the TabWare CMMS/EAM solution. TabWare effectively manages your invoice matching needs to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

Protecting your maintenance, inventory and procurement system and data against unauthorized access and transactions is critical for effective management, command and control. It is also required for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for publicly traded companies in the U.S.

TabWare’s Security Module provides protection from unauthorized use and controls user access. Users see only authorized functions and data and can only perform authorized transactions. Users are assigned roles with security profiles to control access and restrict behavior. 

Key Features

  • Access security at the database, plant, menu, function, window, and data element levels
  • Specify role security profiles and assign users to roles
  • Encrypted IDs and passwords and TabWare IDs cannot access the database externally
  • Specify password length, grace logins and change requirements
  • LDAP support for single sign on
  • Specify central purchasing controls for multiple locations
  • Define supplier eCatalog access controls
  • Audit trail of access, activity and transactions


  • Users only see authorized details
  • Rapid user acceptance
  • Eliminates multiple IDs and passwords
  • No unauthorized access
  • No unauthorized transactions
  • No unauthorized external database access

TabWare’s Security Module is easy to learn and easy to use. It is an integrated part of TabWare’s Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM CMMS). TabWare effectively manages application security needs to maximize protection and efficiency.