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Tank Watch is a secure web site that interacts with producer payment and quality laboratories. It allows the dairy and their consultants to receive bulk tank test alerts and view bulk tank test history.

Immediate Notification

Tank Watch notifies dairy producers when custom-set quality or component limits are exceeded. It immediately notifies the dairy as well as their designated consultants via cell phone text, e-mail, pager or fax.

Historical Data

Bulk tank test history, available in several formats can be used to evaluate and track management changes. Data can be viewed as tables, or graphs or it can be imported into excel spreadsheets.

Tank Watch is available to members of Dairylea, Dairylea affiliated cooperatives, and DFA members whose tank analysis is performed at a Dairy One laboratory. This service can be extended to other producers whose handlers are willing to participate.


To begin using Tank Watch, a dairy producer needs their producer number and a PIN. Dairies can request a Tank Watch PIN number and begin using Tank Watch by doing one of the following:

  1. Go to www.tankwatch.biz and select Register
  2. Send an e-mail request to amr@dairyone.com or call 800-344-2697, ext 3
  3. Register through the Dairylea website, member login (www.dairylea.com)

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