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Thermo Scientific* Data Manager is designed to meet the requirements for securely storing and rapidly retrieving scientific data from multiple instrument formats. Through a unique library of over 150 powerful file converters that automatically generate XML versions of the data, the archived information can be viewed on virtually any platform without using the original instrument software. The ability to share, compare, search and query instrument and documentary data is vital in improving R&D productivity. Unlike other data backup and archiving products, Data Manager facilitates collaboration through the sharing of data with colleagues for mining, comparison and visualization, without the need to restore the data to the original instrument workstation or installing the instrument software on every computer. Learn how Data Manager plays a key role in achieveing a paperless lab.

The data sharing capabilities of the system can aid development of new ways of analyzing samples and predictive models that are impossible when the information is scattered across the company in individual workstations and multiple disparate formats. Data Manager is the most effective solution of its kind for protecting scientific intellectual property and extracting maximum value from past and future R&D activities.

Data Manager allows authorized users to retrieve and display specific data files at a point in the future, without relying on the original vendor's software, operating system or hardware. Data Manager achieves this by archiving data in a 'normalized' XML-based format, providing the ability to easily retrieve original raw data or converted files and to respond much more promptly and effectively to requests from collegues, regulatory or legal bodies.

These include:

  • Securely archived records of the original data files
  • Normalized XML records of the data archived
  • Archived database records containing extracted metadata

XML has become the industry standard format for data storage and exchange. Such acceptance ensures XML will predominate for many years to come, regardless of the evolution of operating systems and computer hardware.

Data Manager archives both the original raw data files from the instrument software, along with a normalized representation in XML. Users with access to the Data Manager archive can view the normalized version of the data from any computer or browser.

The XML or the original data files can be retrieved for use with additional applications. When storing analytical instrument data in XML, Data Manager makes use of a public-domain XML schema known as Generalized Analytical Markup Language (GAML).

Data Manager understands the relationships within each of the supported instrument software formats, and can easily be configured for new or additional file types. The archived ZIP files are completely self-describing records of everything known about the data including raw data, processed data, metadata, names, dates, file paths, and associated files.
For example, Data Manager can be configured to capture a relevant Microsoft Word* document or PDF along with the actual instrument data. Once the instrument data files are gathered together they are moved to the server. There the appropriate translator creates an XML copy which is then stored as a BLOB (Binary Large Object) in the Oracle database or in a secure disk based file store. Metadata information is extracted from the data (i.e. date/time created, owner, application type, sample name, component names, batch, LIMS ID, etc.) and stored in the Oracle database based on standard system rules and configurable mapping policies.

As mass storage technologies change, Data Manager is designed to allow easy migration of all archive files from one media to another. This is an essential part of any archiving system where data is likely to be kept for many decades.

Thermo Fisher Scientific* operates a Quality Management System that is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the design, development, sales, implementation and support of computer based laboratory information automation systems.

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