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Simplify Your HVAC and refrigerant compliance reporting requirements with trakref OnDemand.

Compliance reports consuming your time, energy, and revenue?

At trakref, we know how important refrigerant and HVAC/R regulatory compliance is for commercial properties. We also know there are significant challenges in managing this compliance successfully.In some cases companies have existing software that collects data, but have no way of sanitizing the data to meet reporting structures. Others understand the basics but don’t have enough time or manpower to spend weeks preparing for the latest regulatory requirements in local, state and federal guidelines. Sometimes just knowing what to report is difficult to determine. Where do you begin?

Let trakref OnDemand Service remove the headaches and help you overcome the obstacles, with the only patented compliance service on the market that delivers 100% compliance, guaranteed.

Trakref OnDemand solves compliance in three easy steps:
  1. Simply send us your data, or upload it to trakref®’s easy to use compliance portal.
  2. Our team reviews your records and alerts you to any errors or missing data as it’s passed into trakref®’s OnDemand portal for scanning and validation.
  3. Regulatory compliance reports are then tracked and stored in a secure document archive, where you can download your local, state or federal reports as you need them.
  • Microsoft Excel, Access, Numbers, Google Sheets, or your Big Data system
  • Need to digitize your records? No problem, we can manage it for you
  • Our team of compliance experts reviews your data
  • Trakref’s OnDemand portal goes to work to validate your data
  • Local, state, and federal compliance reports at your fingertips
  • 24-7 access to your compliance data and reports year-round
Reduce lost productivity, and manage risk with trakref OnDemand.
Why not simplify compliance challenges from an informed perspective. Want to minimize reporting and audit worries? Trakref OnDemand makes it easy.

Put our patented process to work for your refrigerant and HVAC/R compliance needs. With our OnDemand platform you’ll have all the tools you need—backed by professionals with decades of experience within the industry. Plus, trakref OnDemand leverages powerful features from our trakref Cloud platform, giving you the most comprehensive set of tools on the market.

trakref OnDemand
  • Auto Validation of Data
  • Standardized Reports
  • No Need to Buy Software
  • Audit Support
  • Guided Compliance Obligations
  • E-filing for California Reports
  • Precision Calculations
  • Always Up-To-Date
  • Secure Archive for Reports
Opening lines of communication is the first step toward optimizing your HVAC/R business and transforming its future. Connect with us for a free, no-obligation consultation on how to put our solutions to work for you.

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