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TRUX Weigh-IT is the industry standard software for ticketing, billing, and accounts receivable processing in the waste industry. Designed specifically for landfills, transfer stations and recycling facilities; Weight-IT is a Windows based application which uses the .NET platform and Microsoft SQL Server technology to organize and securely store data. Weigh-IT is fully scalable and capable of handling operations and billing processes for any size of company, from single-site facilities to multiple scale locations with centralized reporting. In fact, Weigh-IT is so flexible and comprehensive in scope that it can even be easily adapted for use by companies outside of the waste industry.

TRUX Weigh-IT is an indispensable tool for busy, successful facilities. In fact, the more you use TRUX Weigh-IT, the more you will appreciate its robust functionality, reliable performance, and ease of use. Weigh-IT provides essential day-to-day operational control and financial accuracy for progressive facility managers throughout North America.

Weigh-IT is designed to provide a high degree of flexibility in pricing, including rate per unit, tiered (stepped) pricing, formulas applied to market rates and flat rates. Prices can be set as gate rates or by customer and contract. Surcharges can be defined and billed automatically on tickets. Our industry specific workflow moves ticket transactions easily from operations to billing. A comprehensive suite of reports is available for financial and operational reporting.

Scale ticket entry has been optimized to be as quick and efficient as possible, allowing scale operators to process loads quickly. Weigh-IT can be integrated with TRUX Haul-IT to electronically transfer disposal tickets, eliminating the need for staff intervention, eliminating errors and lowering your associated costs. Weigh-IT?s ticketing, billing and reporting functions can be applied to multiple scale locations which can then be networked together to provide centralized data collection and reporting..

Simplified Ticket Entry
With the ability to predefine pricing, tare weights and other parameters, Weigh-IT virtually eliminates the potential for scale operator error by reducing the number of keystrokes required to create a ticket. Weigh-IT provides the option to store tare weights for each vehicle or allow the vehicle to be weighed in and out at the scale.

Audit Trails
To ensure accuracy and reliability of information, tickets can only be voided through special authorization and voids are retained in the system for subsequent review and reporting. End of shift balancing of cash is simplified because all cash tickets are identified and reported by scale operator.

TRUX Security Profiles can be used to control input and reporting functions at any level of your organization. You can determine who has access to company data. Our security granularity means that you can block specific security features, such as pricing or access to void tickets.

Hardware Center
The Hardware Center is used to integrate Weigh-IT with a multitude of peripheral hardware devices including, but not limited to, stationary weigh scales, cash drawers and signature pads.

Flexible Contract Pricing
Weigh-IT can be configured with Gate Rates or Customer specific contracts and pricing can be determined using a flat rate, variable formula pricing tied to market rates, or tiered pricing based on customer activity.

Surcharge Capabilities
All TRUX applications come with tools to easily configure surcharges, such as fuel or environmental fees, and have them automatically calculated and applied. Weigh-IT can be used to apply surcharges on individual scale tickets or customer invoices.

Daily Maximum Warning Limits
If your facility has weight limitations on specific materials, Weigh-IT can be configured with warning limits and daily maximums to ensure that weight limitations are not exceeded.

Dynamic Credit Checking
The Weight-IT Ticket Entry program features dynamic credit checking. You can set credit limits and credit warnings on Customer accounts and when tickets are created against a customer, Weigh-IT determines credit availability before the vehicle enters your facility.

Online Credit Card Processing
Integrated online credit card processing can be configured for the ?on-the-fly? authorization of credit card transactions at the point of sale or for receiving payment for customer invoices.

Weigh-IT incorporates an extensive set of reporting features; including up-to-the-minute reports, such as the ability to get a snapshot of tickets entered up to that point, in-depth operations and billing reporting, and the ability to create custom reports using Crystal Reports.

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