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Version BHEditor - Software for Lithological Columns Creation



BHEditor software is designed to geologically understand sections obtained with Zond software. In many cases, the binding of geophysical results is produced by the lithological columns or logs. Therefore, ability to display different types of apriori information during the geophysical interpretation of the data is very important.

A special data format has been developed for describing the borehole geological and geophysical information. Data organized in a special format CRT can be displayed in any interpretive Zond program.

BHEditor program can be used for quick and easy creation of files of the lithological columns or logs, as well as for subsequent editing.

The program operates with a large number of geological patterns, allowing the user to create a special palette for quick access for the most frequently used. If necessary, it is possible to add additional custom user patterns - 16x16 pixels is size.

Thus, created a columns of wells are immediately graphically displayed.

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