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Gain control of your billback programs and increase profitability. Whether you call it ship and debit, billbacks, chargebacks or rebates, millions of dollars are lost annually in claims processing due to inaccurate accrual processes and claim validations for manufacturing billbacks. One of the toughest challenges manufacturers face is managing complex special pricing programs. Critical information on direct and indirect sales, financial accruals and pending claims are difficult to centralize and collect, and are frequently incomplete.

An efficient, highly automated approach to manage the entire billback lifecycle

Billbacks by Vistex enable manufacturers to manage the entire claim process from agreement creation, claim receipt, validation, accrual and settlement of customer funds. The solution creates a closed-loop process and the ability to automatically calculate billback amounts due to the customer; as well as provide informational insight to manage and/or dispute partial claims.

Solution Benefits
  • Visibility into your most profitable products, distributors, customers and geographies
  • Systematically validate billbacks against active contracts with full supporting details
  • Record accruals and billbacks in full compliance with financial regulations
  • Reduce claim processing costs, errors, disputes and delays
  • Minimize profit leakage

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