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Version PureOHS™ - Scalable Compliance Management Software


Scalable Compliance Management Software Solution Streamlines Data Management. Companies and health care providers use PureOHS™, UL’s Occupational Health Medical Record system, to assist with their occupational health initiatives in critical areas such as regulatory compliance and execution of surveillance programs. The PureOHS Dashboard provides at-a-glance reports, allowing you to see the compliance rates of your surveillance programs, quickly understand which employees are in and out of compliance, and take action to fill the gaps

Keep employees in compliance with employee and supervisor views
Whether you’re a manufacturer, a healthcare facility, a municipality, or any other organization that is struggling to track your employees’ medical compliance for OSHA, the CDC, or internal regulations, PureOHS can help by streamlining medical recordkeeping and offering a simple process to manage compliance forms.

The PureOHS Employee and Supervisor views offer employees at all levels of the organization access to accurate information at the right time, helping to streamline communication through standardized processes and without disturbing normal work activities. Where you need to know who’s out of compliance, a copy of your past immunization history, or modified work duty, all three are available on the employee and supervisor dashboards.

Manage workers back in a timely, but safe manner
PureOHS provides a complete set of tools to manage occupational and non-occupational (disability) cases. From integrated guidelines to a case manager toolset companies can manage injured employees back to work safely while streamlining the communication.

A more effective way to manage patients during flu season
UL’s PureOHS software is also designed to support employee health nurses during the busy workflow of health fairs. The PureOHS web-based application can be used on mobile devices such as iPads or Android tablets to manage employee immunizations on the go.

PureOHS eliminates the hassle of dealing with paperwork by capturing and storing consent forms and signatures electronically. Because no installation is required from your IT staff, PureOHS can be implemented and ready to use as soon as you need it.

PureOHS can be used independently or with UL’s SYSTOC EMR software to track employee immunizations. Data captured through PureOHS can be sent back to SYSTOC to allow consolidated reporting to the CDC, via SYSTOC’s NHSN report.

  • Medical Surveillance
    At-a-glance reports allow you to see the compliance rates of your most complicated surveillance programs. Quickly understand which employees are in and out of compliance and take action to fill gaps.
  • Encounter Management
    Comprehensive documentation management for all compliance activities from audio screenings, to DOT exams, PFT Testing, basic physicals, etc. Support for standard surveillance activities with the option of adding new forms to account for custom data collection as needed.
  • Case Management
    With integrated guidelines and a complete case manager toolset, companies can manage injured employees back to work safely and efficiently while streamlining the communication for all involved.
  • Employee and Supervisor Views
    Provide visibility to the entire workforce to help communicate compliance rates and modified work duties. Automate data collection and reporting so that workers spend less time away from their primary job functions and clinical workers spend less time filling out and managing paperwork.
  • Injury Reporting
    An injured worker can result in a mountain of regulatory paperwork for the organization. Automate the process using an integrated library that automatically fills in data collected by case managers, clinicians, employees, and supervisors.
  • Event Management
    (e.g. Flu Fairs) – Eliminate paperwork associated with large-scale vaccination clinics. Replicate nearly any paper form and all forms can be signed electronically.
  • Hosted Application
    PureOHS is a hosted application, which requires high speed internet access. The following devices and current operating systems and browsers have been tested with PureOHS: PC (Windows OS and IE, Chrome), Android Phone and Tablet (Android OS and Chrome), Windows Phone (Windows Phone OS and IE), Mac (OSX and Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari), iOS Phone and Tablet (iOS and Mobil Safari). Each release supports the most current OS version and 1 version back of browser version, except Windows PC, which supports 1 version back for Windows OS and 2 versions back for Internet Explorer.

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