Power Acoustics, Inc.

Power Acoustics, Inc.

Version SPM9613 - Community Noise Prediction Software, Version 2


Born from our years of estimating and predicting noise from industrial noise sources, Power Acoustics, Inc. has developed and optimized a low-cost computer program for analyzing community noise and sound propagation emitted from a variety of noise sources. The engineering software is based on the ISO 9613 parts 1 and 2 standards. SPM9613 provides calculations at specific field points (listeners) and predictions of A- and C-weighted sound level contours as well. We sell this software as a low cost alternative to more expensive and difficult to use computer programs.

The original release of our community noise sound propagation model, SPM9613™ was in January 1999. Version 2 was released in February 2002. The software has a Windows based user interface and enables users to perform multi-source and distributed source predictions with barriers and reflective surfaces. Because the software is developed by a company that is also an end user, it is extremely flexible and easy to use.

SPM9613 Features and Extensions

  • Fast setup and calculation times
  • Automatic breakdown of large 3-D or line sources into multiple point sources
  • Multiple barriers
  • Reflections - automatic image sources
  • Ground Attenuation with defined limits
  • Miscellaneous Attenuation (Foliage, Industrial Sites)
  • Graphical capability to assure correct user inputs
  • Plan views of equipment, barriers, foliage or industrial sites, and observer locations
  • Source sound power level spectrum plots and directivity plots (vertical and horizontal)
  • Sorted sound source waterfall plots at each observer location
  • Contour plotting of A or C weighted levels
  • 3-D Ground Elevation plots
  • Ground Hardness contours
  • Extended Octave Band Center Frequency range - 16 to 8000 Hz
  • Computation of C-weighted levels
  • Source sorting on A or C-weighting
  • Customizing services available
  • MS Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 Compatible

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