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Version Stacy™ 2 - Sample Tracking and Radioisotope Stock Control Software


Software Featuring Sample Tracking and Radioisotope Stock Control. Stacy provides a host of features for tracking the flow of compounds and samples through a facility, or just for keeping a track of where they are stored with a full chain of custody report. Stacy is designed to simplify the essential record-keeping for ordering, receipt, issue and disposal of such items.

Locations are completely user defined and can be as vague as 'a building' or as specific as a position within 'a box'. The number and type of locations that can be created are limitless allowing the system manger to map out the whole company structure. The software uses a common Microsoft® Outlook user interface style to facilitate a quick and easy learning curve for new users. Once created samples or collections of samples can be selected and moved around the tree by a simple 'drag and drop' mechanism.

As well as being able to automatically pick up and track samples generated by the Debra ADME LIMS, Stacy will also track any other sample type within an organisation. Sample types can be defined with complete control over the entry fields and type of data required to identify the individual items. Entry of details can be via spreadsheet, file import or via bar-code reader.

When receiving samples, moving samples or disposing of samples the reason and type of transaction will vary on day-to-day and item to item basis. Stacy allows complete control over the definition of the various transaction types and allows specification of all the entry fields required; including options for making entries unique and optional versus mandatory fields.

Stacy allows for the tracking and disposal of radioactive samples. The system allows for automatic creation of disposal records when transferring active samples to waste, disposal or accumulation sites. When combined with the Debra interface this provides complete inventory control from initial compound receipt through study usage and final disposal. Configurable Licence Limits can be imposed for each location to record the amount of activity that can be stored, accumulated or disposed of over a period of time, with warnings given when these limits are approached or exceeded.

  • Sample Tracking and Radioisotope Stock Control
  • Links to external LIMS, including Debra
  • RS-232 interface for collection of weight data from balances
  • GLP compliance including support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Flexible reporting

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