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Version ZondMAG3D - 3D Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation Software



ZondMAG3D is designed for 3D modeling and inversion of surface and airborne gravity and magnetic data. Program has convenient interface and extensive reporting capabilities. Simple and understandable data format, which allows to easily combine different observation system data. Main well-known data formats are also supported.

Several convenient approaches could be used to construct a basic model of inversion as well as to correct inversion results after several iterations.

There are also options to put weight, fix properties of the cell, as well as limiting the scale of changes to properties of individual cells.

The component robust evaluation framework is also implemented.

The possibility to import and display together with results of inversion or apriori model of the borehole data, as well as the data from other geological and geophysical methods, helps to provide integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical data.

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