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Groundwater is a major source of water supply for domestic and industrial uses in many urban industrial areas. However, with ever-growing human activities such as industrialization and agriculture, this precious water resource is threatened by effluents from industrial areas as well as accidental spills and leaks.  Among others, chlorinated solvents are toxic chemicals that are known to be the most common groundwater contaminants of industrial origin. Exposure to these chemicals may cause serious health problems to humans and the natural environment.

VINMOD is a mass balance based novel model to quantify groundwater pollution under homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions . Both the mathematical model and the computer program of VINMOD were developed by Dr. Allelign Zeru with EU R&D program of Integrated Concept for Groundwater Remediation (INCORE) project (published references ). VINMOD helps to determine mass flow rate and natural concentration distribution of undisturbed contaminant plume, i.e. pre-pumping concetration distribution. VINMOD requires principal input parameters such as concentration-time series data, groundwater flow velocity field, aquifer thickness, soil porosity, and areas of streamtubes within the well capture zone.

Advantages of VINMOD Approach:

  • No source investigation
  • Less expensive operation
  • Targeted

If groundwater is polluted, source control is an effective solution to stop further spread. But identifying sources can be time consuming and costly operation. VINMOD is typically for the case when we do not have information about the source of contamination. Thus, with VINMOD approach, source investigation and related operation costs can be cut significantly by focusing on the high risk zone to the down-gradient environment, wells for residential use, aquatic environment, etc. Another common problem when groundwater pollution is detected is that we may not know the high risk zone. Therefore, we have to make as many measurements as possible, both spatially and temporatlly, to have a good map of the hotspot zone. But there are constraints: site and financial constraints to make dense measurements. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of groundwater and solutes in it, maps have to be periodically updated, repeating the same measurement procedures. With VINMOD approach, the relative position of high risk zone can be determined from very few monitoring wells.

Applications of VINMOD Approche:

  • Groundwater monitoring, management
  • Protect production wells, aquatic environment
  • Health / environmental risk studies
  • Remediation design if found appropriate

Thus, VINMOD is based on an innovative approach that determines the relative position of high risk zone and the total mass flow of the contaminant without searching for sources and corresponding parameters. Based on VINMOD analysis, the user can determine whether any remediation action is needed or not. It is particularly suitable for Monitored Natural Attenuation technique. The main applications of VINMOD are evaluation of the state of groundwater pollution, groundwater monitoring, protection of production wells and aquatic environment, health risk studies, remediation design studies.

Scope of VINMOD Approche:

  • Confined aquifers
  • Chlorinated solvents

VINMOD approach is designed to be applied on confined aquifers where production wells for domestic uses are located. It is applied in sites where detected contaminants are mainly chlorinated solvents such as PCE and TCE, dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPLs), which can migrate down to the confined zones through layer cracks and pressure differences. These products can pose minor to chronic health problems, including potential risk for cancer. Therefore, VINMOD approach is to evaluate groundwater zones where high level of protection is needed against such harmfull products.

  • VINMOD has graphical user interface (gui) with various functionalities. Below are some of the key features :
  • Advanced project file management
  • Multi-well options
  • Determine groundwater flow direction
  • Determine ICP position to calculate contaminants mass flux
  • Homogeneous/Heterogenous options
  • Import and/or Edit concentration-time series data for multi-wells at a time
  • Parameters Editor for multi-well options at a time
  • Multi-Well Simulator
  • Graphical display for multiple wells at a time
  • Various graphical output formats
  • Export graphs to files and clipboard
  • Statistical report
  • Generate output summary report at run-time with various options
  • Integrated unit converter
  • Integrated parameters library
  • Technical Support

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