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Waste Management Software


The Waste industry has a number of special requirements for the weighing and management over and above the normal dialogue requirements; we have therefore created a specific template designed to cater for the needs of this industry. Our software package includes additional weighing dialogues specifically designed to cater for the needs of the waste industry i.e. assistance in the management of Duty of Care; Haulier carrier information tracking; Monitoring of the type of waste; Amount delivered from source to destination and the Tracking of types of waste in accordance with landfill tax legislation.

This package provides a comprehensive solution to waste management as identified below.

Trade Waste Delivered for Disposal or Transfer.

Waste Into Site

  • The haulier file caters for carrier information to enable the weigh docket to act as a duty of care hand-over document.
  • Product file contains the price per tonne or bag allowing the system to calculate the amount payable for the disposal of waste.
  • VAT field to cater for any future fluctuations in tax percentage.
  • Payment code field catering for cash, cheque, account and zero VAT. Cash and cheque force the system to generate payable.
  • Source of waste
  • Destination of waste
  • Type of waste and its classification description
  • Container file suitable for either skip tare or container tare information.

Waste Leaving Site

  • Type and description of product leaving site
  • Source and Destination for the product being removed
  • Carrier information again satisfying the requirements for the removal and hand-over of waste material
  • Generation of site operating license and associated reference numbers on all stationary including weigh docket

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