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Water Software Module


The water software module of the Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) enables you to manage, compare, and track your water data – surface water, ground water, drinking water, wastewater, and process flows. Use our water software to enter site information – site names, site numbers, locations, frequency, and well construction data. Enter water sampling data – field data, data logger data, continuous monitor data, and lab data – either electronically or manually or download data from a handheld field unit. Enter permit limits and Federal and State standards. The Validation Routine in our water software  module checks your data for data anomalies.

Our water software module assists you in generating submittal-ready regulatory reports, including NPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports. You can also generate in-house reports, including site summaries, parameter summaries, exceedance reports, ad hoc queries, and trend graphs. You can export your water data to spreadsheets or to other commercially available software.

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