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Positive Community Engagement for Airport Growth. Many airports find that transparent and open engagement with their local community significantly increases good-will. By fostering a more collaborative approach to understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of the airport, most airports find less resistance to changes in operations and airport expansions, and communities continue to reap the social and economic benefits.

Many airports find they do not have the expertise or time to engage in a long-term strategy that yields the great results for both the public and the airport itself.

WebTrak, our low-risk, low-cost, subscription service for community engagement, improves and maintains that valuable dialog between your airport and your community by providing access to flight and noise data, both in real time or historical mode, via your website.

This information reduces the need for your staff to explain airport procedures to the general community, and streamlines the process for the public to communicate with you.


Flight 3D

WebTrak’s Flight 3D option displays flight tracks in three dimensions to make it easier for the public to visualise a plane’s path relative to their location. The easily understood images show real-time online flight and noise information to build community trust and knowledge.

Users can locate their house by entering address details that relocate the map position and mark the address with a symbol. The display can show current and historical aircraft positions, as well as a bird’s eye or pilot’s view for different perspectives.

The 3D visuals can be particularly useful for airports near terrain that requires a specific flight path or when illustrating interaction between multiple aircraft at busy airports.

Flight3D is provided by Brüel & Kjær’s ANOMS business partner BridgeNet International. You can read more about it by downloading the Flight3D Flyer.

Dynamic Information

Unlike paper based or downloadable reports, WebTrak is dynamic, live and interactive. The system is user-friendly and designed to integrate simply into your airport website. 

Searching of historical data, animated replay of flight tracks and updating noise graphs enables users to view detailed information about flights and noise in relation to their particular location.  This significantly reduces the number of complaints made directly to the noise office, but still enables users to submit details of their query via an online form for further investigation if necessary. 

WebTrak comes with Google maps as standard and ground elevation models, foreign language translations, and the ability for the airport to broadcast timely messages directly to their WebTrak site as options.  The new accessibility features make WebTrak''s comprehensive information available to everyone in the community.

WebTrak is Always Fresh

Because it's a software service, WebTrak is hosted, maintained and continually upgraded by Brüel & Kjær. WebTrak provides all the latest community engagement tools, without the maintenance requirements of old-fashioned, locally installed software solutions.

Best of all, it doesn't require a huge cash outlay up front, doesn't require more time from your staff and system administrators and doesn't become obsolete or outmoded in a year.WebTrak is user-friendly and designed to integrate simply into your airport website.

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