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Data visualization software for wells and boreholes. Program includes functionality for variable data types rendering, such as technical scheme of well, geological scheme, numerical continuous measurements, tectonic and structural data or images. All these data can be simultaneously displayed in one Log Plot. In addition, program includes features to display well positions on multiple map types.

This program was created for wells and boreholes data visualization. Its structure and use is very simple. All important features are located in ribbon panel. All data from current project are displayed in two side panels. One is dedicated for wells and the second (bottom) shows all data related to selected well.

Data import into the program is very simple. You can import them from external CSV file, by Copy-Paste between spreadsheet software (e.g. MS Excel) or just use build-in editors. Program allows you to work with multiple types of data, such as technical scheme of well, geological scheme, different types of point and range numerical values, heat maps, structural measurements, images, textual data or time series. All these data can be in result combined together in one final Well Log Plot.

In addition to Log Plot, program allows you to show all wells on the map background. For the map background you can use one of multiple online map providers (e.g. Google maps, Bing maps ...).

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