- Modular Back Office Software


Our WinConsyst modular back office software is packed with features, enabling you to obtain all the relevant management information concerning the disposal behaviour of all your waste collections systems. This provides you with management information per connection, district, town, region, wheelie bin and waste vehicle. For each connection you can maintain waste collection wheelie bins.

Our solution offers you features for:

  • stock control;
  • creating invoices;
  • message management;
  • processing service orders;
  • generating waste collection routes;
  • scheduling the waste vehiclesroutes, and;
  • controlling on-board waste vehicle computers.

A diverse range of statistics and reports can be generated from our software. Our back office software can be linked to vendor management software for different brands of waste vehicle registering systems. Naturally, the vehicle registering software supplied by VConsyst is fully integrated. Our software can be obtained through a traditional licencing model, or by using the popular and frequently requested Software As A Service (SAAS) model.

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