Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

- Version Type 7815 - Noise Explorer Data Handling Software


A Windows-based software package for downloading, viewing and reporting of noise data measured with Brüel & Kjær hand-held instruments, including sound intensity measurements made with Type 2260 Investigator.

  • Data transfer from hand-held sound level meters and analyzers to PC
  • Formatting of data for export to spreadsheets, noise mapping software or the Windows clipboard
  • Displaying/printing measurement results in graphical or tabular form
  • Storage and management of measurement files on a PC
  • Calculation of Sound Power or Sound Reduction Index from sound intensity measurements

  • Direct data import from sound level meters Types: 2260, 2239, 2238, 2237, 2236
  • Direct data import from noise dose meters Types: 4442, 4443, 4444, and 4445/4445 E
  • Measurement, calibration, and instrument data contained in one file
  • Drag and drop data export into Evaluator or Protector
  • Export of data as spreadsheets or text files

Powerful sound intensity
Further process measurements made with the Type 2260 Investigator hand-held sound intensity system to calculate sound power levels and the sound reduction index. If necessary, frequency bands can be easily excluded from calculations.

Document your measurements with sound recording
Using a sound level meter Type 2238 or 2260 as a front-end, record sound directly onto a PC hard drive. The only limit to duration is the size of the hard disk. Sound recordings are automatically merged into the measurements, marked in the profile display, and can be replayed directly from within this graph.

Noise source identification
Using the Universal File Format (UFF) you can export sound intensity measurements to PULSE Noise Source Identification Type 7752, which can generate colour maps for graphical noise source identification.