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WinLims is QSI's premier Laboratory Information Management System. Now available on a cloud basis, WinLims makes LIMS a practical choice for even the smallest of laboratories. WinLims “Out of the Box” is unique within the LIMS market, because of the outstanding depth and breadth of standard functionality, derived from our successful implementations throughout many differing industry sectors.

This “Out of the Box” approach, negating the need for expensive custom code, has the direct benefits to you of reduced initial and ongoing costs, quicker route to go-live, faster return on investment, and fellowship of a large user community.

WinLims “Out of the Box” combined with our unique WinLims rental scheme provides the first true “Off the Shelf” LIMS within the market place, making our technology available to all companies at low cost and completely risk-free.

Why gamble with other vendors, when you can rent to try before you buy?

WinLims is unique in the fact that a family of clients is supplied with each user licence, allowing companies to choose which PC client or clients suits their business needs and existing computer infrastructure.

The ability to mix and match clients for the different parts of the organisation or business needs is a significant advantage. A typical situation could be the need for customers to log samples into WinLims remotely via the Internet.

Many companies recognise that there is a move towards the use of web technologies for the running of mission critical enterprise systems such as LIMS, however at this current time, they do not have the IT infrastructure in place to take advantage of the Web technology. These companies can in confidence initially implement their WinLims , utilising the traditional Window Client and then switch at a later date to the Web Client in the knowledge that there are no extra licence costs.

The other clear benefit that QSI offers to prospective customers is the actual existence of all three clients, these are not vapour ware or vendor promises to develop such technology in the future. QSI has customers for all of these WinLims clients, hence these are tried and tested products that are available today.

This level of future proofing does not exist with our competitors' products.

Windows Client – WinLims Client Server Software for Windows
This traditional client uses the standard client server architecture. This is often the client of choice where one of the following conditions apply.

  • Users are familiar with forms technology.
  • Where Citrix or Terminal Server platform exists.

Web Client – WinLims Client Software for Internet Explorer
This is a three tier application, with the client application running on Internet Explorer. This is often the client of choice where one of the following conditions apply.

  • Remote access is required
  • Thin client technology is required.

Pocket Client – WinLims Client Software for Pocket PCs
The Pocket Client runs on the Internet Explorer provided with the pocket PC. Connectivity to the database is via an RF network connection.

This is often the client of choice where one of the following conditions apply.

  • Mobility is required
  • Space is a consideration

WinLims Rental from as little as £165 per month

WinLims Rental is a new approach to owning a LIMS. Rather than requiring a large capital outlay, WinLims Rental instead allows you to get a full LIMS for a low monthly fee, with very little up-front cost. Despite this, you're not buying a 'cut down' or 'light' version of the software: WinLims Rental is identical to our full WinLims system, and comes bundled with an installation program and tutorials to get you up and running as quickly and easily as possible. Of course Rental agreements can be converted to a Subscription Contract or full purchase at any time, keeping your options open for the future — or just letting you use it as a 'try before you buy' system.

The monthly rental fee includes WinLIMS software licenses, a 5-incident support pack and a copy of Microsoft SQLServer 2005 Express edition (in case you don’t have an existing SQL database). A minimal one-time cost is charged to cover QSI’s administration fees and one copy of Business Objects Crystal Reports Design license. Despite these low costs, we're so confident that WinLims will meet your requirements that there is no contractual lock-in and no minimum rental period — you can cancel your rental at any time with only a month's notice.

“WinLims Rental is not a hosted solution, the application and your companies data is secure on your own hardware at your site”

Benefits of Software Rental

  • Low monthly Cost.
  • No-risk solution.
  • Monthly fee is totally tax deductable.
  • No long-term contract commitment.
  • Short setup time.
  • Faster return on investment.
  • Funded from revenue not capital.
  • Preserves capital.

Rental Cost Justification

The value of laboratory information compels companies to spend thousands of pounds implementing LIMS. Although some benefits can be directly measured using time/motion studies, immeasurable benefits are derived by the immediate availability of useful information to your manufacturing and management staff allowing informed decisions to be made which reduce both wasted time and product, and provide better service to your customers. You can now reap these benefits at a small fraction of the cost - with no risk - with the WinLims Rental. Your payback will be enormous!

The following are actual figures from a small laboratory that has just implemented WinLims:

  • The company has 250 Product Specifications
  • On average, ships 20 lots of product per day
  • Customers require SQC reports for their products
  • Management requires monthly productivity & summary reports
  • The lab uses 20 instruments that are scheduled for calibration & maintenance with continuous control charts
  • The average compensation package for a lab professional (total of salary & benefits) is £23,000 per year
  • Their WinLims monthly rental fee is £265


Look at the payback from one WinLims function: automated reporting. These time/motion numbers were directly calculated by replacing an error-prone and time-consuming Excel-based system.

The realised savings for automated reporting alone is £536 per month for a £265 per month WinLims investment!

Note that this doesn’t include improvements to production efficiency and customer service, or the immediate access to information which is the REAL benefit of WinLims!

WinLims Rental Functionality

WinLims Rental contains all the functionality of our standard product, this includes:-

  • Sample login.
  • Sample receipt and barcoding.
  • Results Entry.
  • Validation and approval.
  • Invoicing and Quotations.
  • Reporting.
  • Security.
  • Work Resourcing.

Environmental laboratories can be governmental, contract, or within manufacturing organisations. QSI has successful WinLIMS installations in all of these types and within the following environmental areas.

  • Soils
  • Effluent
  • Waste Waters
  • Rivers & Estuarine Water
  • Air
  • Emissions
  • Noise

Functionality provides for both the laboratory types and environmental areas such as interfacing to online monitors, statistical analysis by type and location, powerful reporting, invoicing, sample scheduling, remote sample login, etc..

The following are just a few of our environmental clients.

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Merck & Co
  • Axima
  • Onondago County
  • Environment Agency

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