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Through one complete end-to-end system, pest control businesses are empowered by a fully scalable solution capable of being customized to fit their varying operational needs across all fronts.

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As the market leader in pest control, WorkWave understands the unique challenges facing pest control professionals are not the same as other businesses. Using WorkWave’s tailored PestPac solution will allow businesses to address these challenges head-on.

Disconnect in the Field
From oversight to knowledge sharing, technician disconnect causes slowdowns and, limits options for optimization.

Cumbersome Office Processes
Time and money wasted on redundant paperwork, inconsistent scheduling, and systems that don’t communicate well with one another.

Lack of Reporting Insight
Poor reporting systems inhibit the ability to stay on top of trends, evaluate bottlenecks and, improve processes.

Insufficient Capabilities
Systems are not geared to the often sensitive and complex nature of pest control operations.


Gain Valuable Insight
Grant vital visibility to your back office and customers with real-time insights into field operations, such as job statuses and technician/vehicle locations.

Prepare for Service Demands
Arm your workforce with a complete business management solution with enough flexibility and bandwidth to handle any job, at any time.

Essential Pest Control Reporting
Create custom reports, lead tracking, and GPS comparisons to keep systems running at maximum efficiency, and an eye on new business opportunities.

Deliver a Tailored Service Experience
Give your business the tools needed to quickly and effectively target any pest control problem.

As the #1 name in Pest Control software, WorkWave’s PestPac offers a suite of solutions built specifically for pest control professionals. With PestPac, pest control excellence is now just a few clicks away!

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