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WxSwitch is a complete family of weather station software that offer extreme performance, flexibility and reliability. It is available for WXT520/WXT530 series, Davis Vantage Pro2 and Davis Vantage Vue weather stations.

WxSwitch uses the latest Wildfly 10 Java EE application server and uses the latest technologies like websockets to provide real time data to the clients.

The heart of WxSwitch contains a powerful Time Series Engine that processes incoming data flow on the fly and guarantees a high accuracy of the data stored in the database.

The time series engine also provides a real time calculator, that calculates derived data such as average, high, low over different periods of times.

Unlike other software that just store data in a database, the Time Series engine keeps in memory the state of your data over the time.

You need to install a small software on a computer called WxSwitchLink. This process is very small and is not CPU intensive. It broadcasts in real time the data received from the WXT or Davis Vantage Pro to our servers. As soon as WxSwitchLink is running our services are available:

It is available for Windows and Linux systems. The Windows version is installed as a Windows service and runs silently in the background.

We provide two levels of services:

  • Cloud: cloud edition allows you to use Weather Observer - our desktop application - anywhere on the Internet.
  • Internet: Internet provides a way to integrate you weather station data on your own web site. There are two presentations available that you can embed in your own web site, and not just by providing a link.

With both editions, your station is available on WxSwitch for iPhone/iPad.

For people that just want to get their weather station in real time we also provide o low cost iOS only subscription.


WxSwitch is the first real-time weather station software. All messages issued by your weather sensor are processed and broadcasted instantaneously to all the clients whatever they are (Weather Observer, WxReport, iPhone...). The time between instrument observation and displayed data can be as low as one second.

Multi platform

WxSwitch is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. WxSwitchLink, the small process that grabs data from your weather station runs as a background service. Once it is installed, you can completely forget it. If you restart your computer, the process is restarted automatically.


WxSwitch offers several ways to display your weather station data.

Weather Observer is our main application, providing dashboard, custom charts and data export.

Our iOS application WxSwitch makes your station being available automatically. You can also publish articles on through the system and send news or alarms to your users.

Internet subscribers get a set of predefined presentations that can be easily integrated into your web site (WxReport and WxConsole).


We provide a set of predefined presentations that can be easily integrated into your web site with just one line of code. Our presentations are pure HTML5 and are compatible with modern browsers.

Data analysis

Weather Observer provides a powerful data panel. The query builder provides a simple interface to connect to the database and make complex queries. You can retrieve aggregate data like average, high, low on any period of time.


WxSwitch provides a powerful tool to create easily custom weather alerts.

Thanks to the TimeSeries Engine, this is not limited to simple conditions (like T > 25°C) but you can use complex variables like cumulated rain over 24 hours, or temperature change over the last hour...

Each time an alert is triggered this will automatically send emails, SMS or notification on your iPhone.

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