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- Valve Exercising and Maintenance Software


Water purveyors and industrial facilities have hundreds or thousands of valves which must be exercised on a regular basis or get rusted in place. It is one of those jobs that falls into the important but totally non-urgent category and could easily be lost in the business of up-front demands. The XC2 Valve Exercising and Maintenance Module quietly does an important job. The program holds details about each valve; it's size, make, model, purchase date and cost, history of maintenance and exercising, when due for exercising, how often, how many turns right or left, who did it, how the valve is to be left and pertinent notes.

  • Schedules all aspects of your valve exercising and maintenance program
  • Issues work orders providing the details for each valve
  • Records and all aspects of your work done
  • Reports the status of your Valve Exercising Program
  • Remote/Field Data Entry and Synchronization with:
  • XC2 DataSynchPro - Remote Data Entry/Synchronization - LAN/Wireless/Internet

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