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YouFootprint App from enOware provides an universal monitoring portal for measurement data from different applications to make it available for further use, individually and user-friendly. Measurement data are recorded automatically and remotely from different applications. Long-term monitoring of geothermal probes with the GEOsniff AUTO BYPASS. Thermal Response Test (TRT) of geothermal probes with the GEOsniff AUTO TRT KIT. Groundwater monitoring with the GEOsniff AUTO BYPASS. Measurement of feel-good factors in your environment with the ENOsniff.

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Measurement sensors
Various types of measurement sensor such as GEOsniff, ENOsniff, gas, water, electricity, photovoltaic can be connected up as required.

Data server
The measurement data are cyclically recorded, stored and aggregated. Connecting up new data sources is no problem.

Data logger
The data logger is the gateway and data buffer between the sensors and the data server. Data transfer takes place by way of push and pull.

The web-based dashboard for smartphones and desktop systems provides simple, individual presentation of measurement data and alarms.

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