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Groundwater Consulting equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Model GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar

    Enserv provides Sensors and Software's Noggin series Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) units.  The Noggin GPR unit is available with a powerful and efficient 250 MHz GPR antenna.  The Noggin 250 is ideally suited for utility detection and anomaly investigations for Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and other mid-depth utilities ...

    By Enserv LNS Geophysical Equipment Rental based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Ground Penetrating Radar Product line

  • Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Textured or Smooth)

    Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Textured or Smooth) provides design engineers with new solutions for the most challenging projects. The texture provides increased friction between various soil and geosynthetic layers allowing for steeper slope designs. This is ideal for applications requiring exceptional slope stability such as landfill caps, ...

    By Environmental Protection, Inc. (EPI) based in Traverse City, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • ESI - Woven Gravel Bag

    Erosion Solution’s “Woven Gravel Bag Roll” have UV ratings of over 3 years which makes the product use in desert areas of high UV exposure.

    By ESI Resource Services based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Woven Gravel Bag Product line

  • ESI - Woven Yellow Gravel Bag

    Erosion Solution’s “Woven Yellow Gravel Bag Roll” have UV ratings of over 3 years which makes the product use in long term areas of high UV exposure.

    By ESI Resource Services based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Woven Yellow Gravel Bag Product line

  • Filtrexx- Soxx - Slope Interruption

    Slope Interruption Soxx are employed on sites which require a reduction in run length to reduce the potential for erosion. These Soxx reduce runoff velocity, dissipating the energy of overland sheet flow. They trap sediment and soluble pollutants by filtering the runoff waters through the Soxx matrix and allow the water to temporarily pond and ...

    By Filtrexx Canada Inc. based in Brantford, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Slope Interruption Product line

  • Sediment Basin Wet

    The Baramy Wet Sediment Basin is primarily a containment device for sediments and dense material with a specific density greater than water. Efficient sediment control measures are vital elements in the treatment train and compliment the other Baramy devices to provide a total treatment solution. When the unit is installed at the outlet of a GPT ...

    By Baramy based in Katoomba, AUSTRALIA.

  • Cut-Off Walls

    The traditional liquid slurry trench method is well known for creating hydraulic barriers and has been used for decades to stem the flow of subsurface water and water-borne contamination. In many cases, a backfill material with more structural strength is desired, particularly where subsurface flow rates are high or in earthen dams or dikes where ...

    By AquaBlok, Ltd. based in Swanton, OHIO (USA). from Cut-Off Walls Product line

  • Reinforced Synthetic

    Synthetic matrix mantle made from polypropylene fiber, UV stabilized. Pyramat mat is a high performance 3 Dimesional mat.Its UV stability makes it perfect to the arid and semi-arid enviorment where we probably have not completely covered with vegetation spreading. Pyramid has the ability to withstand high water flows, due to its strength and ...

    By Bio Global Group Inc based in Moore Haven, FLORIDA (USA). from Reinforced Synthetic Product line

  • Check Dams/Spring Berms

    The 12 inch diameter tubes are shipped compressed and buckled together. When the compressed tubes are unbuckled, the tubes automatically expand to their full six foot length. Each tube is kept rigid with an enclosed spring. When the ends are snapped together they form long continuous fluid control barriers. Anchoring is simple as the barriers are ...

    By Green Patch Environmental Consulting Ltd. (GPEC) based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Check Dams/Spring Berms Product line

  • Geo Grids

    Geogrid is a grid like geosynthetics product manufactured from p.p / polyester polymers coated with PVC. Geogrid is flexible and offers superior tensile reinforcement. The geogrid consists of polyester yarns with a protective polymer coating, either PVC or Epoxy. It is available as a uni-axial and bi-axial geogrid and can be supplied in diverse ...

    By Gayatri Polymers and Geosynthetics based in Vadodara, INDIA.

  • LPG Pump

    Our LPG pumps deliver the natural gas, petroleum gas and other fast steaming media from contamination and liquefy it for further transport. They are characterized by high safety and reliability.

    By GHS Separationstechnik GmbH based in Landshut, GERMANY. from LPG Pump Product line

  • Sediment Control Assemblies

    The floor will retain and direct any debris or sediments to the end of the header row where there is a sump basin to collect the debris and or sediments. The sump basin can be easily accessible via a manhole that is installed above the sump basin. As an option the perpendicular stormwater chambers can also have the floor installed and any number ...

    By Triton Stormwater Solutions, LLC based in Brighton, MICHIGAN (USA). from Sediment Control Assemblies Product line

  • Model Opera Duo - Ground Penetrating Radar

    Opera Duo is the first class ground penetrating radar for utility location and mapping from IDS. The solution is available in two versions: a compact and lightweight two wheel version and a four wheel version which is more stable and is adaptable for use on rough terrain. The main body of Opera Duo houses a dual frequency antenna of 250 ...

    By IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi based in Pisa, ITALY. from Ground Penetrating Radar Product line

  • GeoView - Ground Penetrating Radar

    GeoView owns and operates over 24 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems from the world's leading manufacturers including MALA and GSSI. GeoView's senior personnel have been using GPR for over 20 years and are well versed in the applications and limitations of the method.

    By GeoView, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Ground Penetrating Radar Product line

  • Promis-4 - Geometrical Sounding EM Profiling

    Heritage Geophysics is pleased to introduce its new electromagnetic profiling system, PROMIS-4, bringing improved productivity with its incorporated data logger and superior coil design. This system offers a less expensive alternative to the ten frequency Promis 10 system.

    By Heritage Group Inc. / Heritage Geophysics Inc. based in Littleton, COLORADO (USA). from Geometrical Sounding EM Profiling Product line

  • packIQ - Dunnage - packaging inserts, packaging dividers, interior packaging

    Whether you’re handling automotive parts, aircraft components, or electronic parts, dunnage is a critical component in material handling applications where part protection and/or storage efficiencies are required. Dunnage protects valuable parts from moisture damage, static, shock, vibrations, and contamination from other debris during transport, ...

    By packIQ based in Anderson,, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Geographic Information Systems

    The GIS department covers CTA’s needs for the development of studies regarding geodesy, land registry and general mapping, including monitoring, project areas, biophysical and socioeconomical data, or information in a user friendly platform like Google Earth.

    By Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A. based in El Encinal, zona 7 de Mixco, GUATEMALA.

  • Sediment Control Equipment

    For control of sediment movement from building sites, Landloch supplies two separate options for the flocculation of suspended sediment in sedimentation ponds. Developed from work with Sunshine Coast Regional Council and using recent New Zealand advances, rainfall activated dosing systems available from Landloch include: Eco-doser unit using ...

    By Landloch Pty Ltd based in Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA.

  • Filtrexx - Severe Slope Stabilization System

    Filtrexx Severe slope stabilization is a system that allows for the stabilization of eroded or damaged slopes while creating attractive vegetated landscapes without the use of hard armoring such as concrete and steel. Through the use of Filtrexx FilterSoxx, the Severe Slope Stabilization system provides superior soil retention and erosion ...

    By Filtrexx International, LLC based in Akron, OHIO (USA). from Severe Slope Stabilization System Product line

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar is the application of subsurface radar scanning. For Worksmart, Inc that usually means the trolley mounted USRADAR 500 MHz SPR System pictured below.

    By Work Smart, Inc. based in Lawrence, MICHIGAN (USA).

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