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Groundwater Locating equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Premium

    PASI - Model POLARES - Resistivity Meter with Multi Electrode

    Applications: Shallow detailed investigations of pollutant  plums in the ground. Archaeological surveys. Waste site deposit monitoring. Mapping and monitoring of salty water contamination of groundwater reservoirs along coastal areas.

    By PASI s.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. from Resistivity Meter with Multi Electrode Product line

  • Sustainable Deep Groundwater

    Assumed mountains are solid.  All precipitation runs off mountains. Most groundwater is found in shallow subsurface basin aquifers. Shallow aquifer recharge is from mountain runoff and local precipitation.Groundwater found in fractures is local, poorly recharged or “fossil”

    By EarthWater Technologies Inc. based in Alexandria, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Aquifer Characterization with Geophysics

    We can help you save significant time and money when you need to • Characterize groundwater • Locate subsurface leaks and the paths that they take • Delineate contaminated groundwater and reaction fronts • Determine the location of valuable subsurface resources, such as areas of geothermal activity Instead of drilling expensive ...

    By EnviroLogek Technologies based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquifer Characterization with Geophysics Product line

  • Trak® - Model MT100-19-550 - Locators-Waterproof Tube

     The Magna-Trak MT100 has a waterproof tube and water-resistant housing. It also has easy-to-use on/off. volume and sensitivity controls, as well as an LCD display that complements the detection tone.

    By CST/berger based in Watseka, ILLINOIS (USA). from Locators-Waterproof Tube Product line

  • Trak® - Model MT102-19-557 - Locators-Chain-Link Fence.

     The Magna-Trak MT102 has a waterproof tube and water-resistant housing. It also has easy-to-use on/off. volume and sensitivity controls, as well as an LCD display that complements the detection tone. It includes a Power Line Indicator as well as an Erase feature that lets you block out magnetic interferences that occur when working next a ...

    By CST/berger based in Watseka, ILLINOIS (USA). from Locators-Chain-Link Fence. Product line

  • RDT module SlimCom 3G+

    Category: Groundwater:-Remote data transmission module with an integrated GSM/GPRS modem optimised for connecting Dipper- (A)PT and Dipper-PTEC-Sleek aluminum housing for installation in level tubes from 2' pipe diameter-Autonomous power supply with standard size C batteries-Transfer Options: GSM call, GPRS call, FTP Push, TCP push, SMS push, SMS ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Model EM-Tipped - Jet-Probe

    Jet probes are used for a variety of purposes and are normally deployed in conjunction with other data collection techniques such as hydrographic surveys, sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar surveys and vibracoring.  Jet probe surveys provide information by surveying the thickness and layering of sediment covers on land or underwater.  ...

    By Aqua Survey, Inc. based in Flemington, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Jet-Probe Product line

  • AGCOS - Model GTS-1 - Multifunction Transmitter for Geophysical EM surveys

    Transmitter GTS-1 is intended for work from an alternating current single-phase network with the voltage 220 V and frequency 50 Hz on loading with the resistance 10 - 1000 ohm.

  • AGCOS - Model AT-100 - Multifunction Current Source for Geophysical EM Surveys

    AT-100 current source is a lightweight, compact and portable geophysical transmitter with wide range of the output frequencies and currents, allowing large variations of the load impedance. The unit has a stabilized output current up to 1A for driving inductive loads or grounded dipoles. AT-100 is powered by 12V external battery. AT-100 has GPS ...

  • Cut-Off Walls

    The traditional liquid slurry trench method is well known for creating hydraulic barriers and has been used for decades to stem the flow of subsurface water and water-borne contamination. In many cases, a backfill material with more structural strength is desired, particularly where subsurface flow rates are high or in earthen dams or dikes where ...

    By AquaBlok, Ltd. based in Swanton, OHIO (USA). from Cut-Off Walls Product line

  • Software - SEBA Hydrocenter

    Category: Groundwater , Surface water , Water Quality , Meteorology , Waste Water:-Web portal for a password-protected provision of time series on the Internet-Data visualisation in the form of hydrographs and lists-Data download of any time series in ASCII-& csv format-Individual configuration (measuring points, sensors, calculating sensors ...

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • Model EB2 - Survey Vessel

    Bathymetric and geophysical surveys are performed with “EB2”, a small but fast survey vessel. With its limited draught and powerful engine, this vessel is a valuable tool for all your detailed survey work.

    By EUROSENSE based in Wemmel, BELGIUM. from Survey Vessel Product line

  • Model Series 1800 - Aluminum Subsurface Buoys

    InterOcean systems provides a line of aluminum buoys and steel buoys to provide rugged floatation for a variety of offshore and oceanographic applications.The Series 1800 Aluminum Subsurface Buoys are designed to provide buoyancy for taut mooring of instrument packages in coastal waters, bays, rivers, harbors, lakes and reservoirs. All Series 1800 ...

    By InterOcean Systems LLC based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aluminum Subsurface Buoys Product line

  • Trident Probe - Underwater Groundwater Seep Detection

    The Trident probe is an underwater groundwater seep survey system that can be deployed from small boats. The system features GIS software for on-site data display.

    By Zebra-Tech Ltd. based in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND.

  • KMS - Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey System

    KMS Technologies introduces the new wide band 24/32-bit, 6-channel, low power consumption, magnetotelluric system, with sampling rate up to 100 KHz. The system is very flexible and comes in 3 basic version: KMS 820 and custom sensors; KMS 820 Mini with fluxgate 3C magnetometer fine tuned up to 100 Hz and...... NEW COMPLETE SYSTEM. the KMS-820 MESH ...

    By KMS Technologies/KJT Enterprises, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey System Product line

  • Geonics - Model EM31-MK2 & EM31-SH - Conductivity Meter

    The EM31-MK2 maps geologic variations, groundwater contaminants, or any subsurface feature associated with changes in ground conductivity. Using a patented electromagnetic inductive technique that allows measurements without electrodes or ground contact. With this inductive method, surveys can be carried out under most geologic conditions ...

    By Geonics Limited based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Conductivity Meter Product line

  • LowPerma - Groundwater Technology

    The technology is based on an innovative concept to enhance water flow into and out of the well.  The general idea is similar in approach to a typical piston pump with the well being the piston cylinder.  The LowPerma technology is designed to be installed in a four-inch well that consists of two separate screens at different ...

    By Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc. (ART) based in Overland Park, KANSAS (USA).

  • Seismoelectrics - Model DC-4500 - Ground-Flow Locator

    A seismoelectric recording system consists of seismoelectric signal data pre-adjusters and computer control. A military grade computer is used as the control with built-in GPS. In the general survey, unit obtains both the seismic signals, and the combined seismoelectric signals. The seismoelectric survey monitor receiver is used in a civil ...

    By Seismo Electronic LLC. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation

    Locating water is only half of the equation when it comes to developing a sustainable high quality supply. It is equally important to conduct thorough testing and analysis to insure the highest yields and best management of any groundwater resources. GRI offers a wide range of services for assessment of existing groundwater systems and those under ...

    By Groundwater Resources International based in North Sandwich, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Schonstedt - Model GA-52C - Cable Locator

    This locator detects the magnetic field of any ferrous object covered by ground, pavement, water or snow. Designed for one-hand operation, simply point the locator toward the ground and move it from side-to-side in a sweeping motion. When the locator comes within range of an iron object, an audio signal is given. By simple analysis, the signal ...

    By Schonstedt Instrument Co. based in Kearneysville, WEST VIRGINIA (USA).

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