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Shoreline Erosion equipment for Soil and Groundwater

  • Beltech - Model 4 x 4 HF - Strength Woven Geotextile

    A 4 x 4 high strength woven geotextile for stabilization and reinforcement

    By Belton Industries, Inc. based in Honea Path, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from GeoTextile Market- Erosion Control Product line

  • Stopwave - Sand Containers For Erosion Control

    Robust geotextile containers for riverbanks and coastline protection. The Stopwave system consists of sand-filled geotextile containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal and river erosion.

    By Tessilbrenta Srl based in Pove del Grappa (VI), ITALY.

  • Flexituff - Geofil Mattress

    Flexituff is the biggest erosion control mattress supplier of India. Geofill Mattress is a flexible Erosion Control System that utilizes filter ­cloth as pockets for granular infill materials. Its mobility and effectiveness make it the most popular erosion control product in wet areas. After installation, it provides instant and permanent ...

    By Flexituff Ventures International Limited based in Dhar, INDIA. from Geosynthetics Product line

  • TITANBags - UV Resistant Sandbags

    TITANBags® are large engineered coastal sand colored, highly UV resistant sandbags designed to blend in with the environment while they protect structures which are often in critical need of protection  against coastal erosion. Their attractive and functional self-sealing ports allow swift, precise installation ...

    By Flint Industries based in Metter, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Pyramat - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM)

    PYRAMAT high performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) is a three-dimensional, lofty, woven polypropylene geotextile that is available in green or tan which is specially designed for erosion control applications on steep slopes and vegetated waterways. The matrix is composed of polypropylene monofilament yarns featuring X3 technol ogy woven into ...

    By Propex Operating Company, LLC based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA). from Erosion Control Product line

  • Flexitex - Concrete Mattresses

    Mattresses  made of double-layer fabrics (polyester and polyamide) with high strength . Particularly suitable as mattresses for erosion control and / or stabilization of banks and slopes, protection and ballast of underwater pipelines  ,  flexible formwork for any underwater injection with cement mixtures.

    By Geosintex Srl based in Sandrigo (VI), ITALY. from Concrete Mattresses Product line

  • Envirolok System

    Definition of Erosion, the process of weathering and transport of solids (sediment, soil, rock and other particles) in the natural environment from their source depositing them elsewhere. The Envirolok System is a patented erosion control and slope stabilization system that creates vegetated walls in combination with deep-rooted native plants. The ...

    By Sunmark Environmental Services LLC based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Hydra-Tech - Model S3CSL - 3" Hydraulic Submersible Sand and Slurry Pump

    The S2CSL pump is designed to use in applications requiring settled solids to be put into suspension and pumped with the discharge water. Primary applications include de-silting ponds, lakes and streams. Other jobs may include filling sand bags to prevent beach erosion, tank and digester cleaning or pumping residue from rail tank cars or barges. ...

    By Hydra-Tech Pumps based in Nesquehoning, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Envirolok - Shoreline Erosion Control Product

    Our patented system promotes the growth of vegetation with a strong, permanent, environmentally-friendly solution. Installing native plants allows the roots systems to grow deep and lock together, allowing the entire system to grow even stronger over time.

    By Envirolok LLC based in Evansville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Envirolok Solutions Product line

  • Taian-Eastar - Erosion Control Mats

    Erosion Control Mat is a  three-dimensional  erosion  control  mat  consisting  of  a  high strength UV  stabilized polymer core. It controls surface erosion and helps to anchor and reinforce the root zone of plants. This erosion control mat  are used for slope and ground protection ...

    By Taian Eastar Geosynthetical Material Co., Ltd. based in Taian City, CHINA.

  • LISO & SONS - Model 12"X10' - Coir Log (Coco Log)

    Coir Logs are tightly wrapped dense cylinders of natural coconut fiber, held together with strong, eco-friendly natural coir twine webbing. These long lasting (typical 2-5 years) completely biodegradable coir logs are the perfect natural solution for stabilizing river and stream beds, slopes, banks and shorelines. Coir logs are also used to ...


  • PVC Geomembranes - (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

    Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most commonly specified lining material in the industry. Manufactured by the calendaring or extrusion process, it is a highly flexible, non-reinforced, cost-effective, waterproofing geomembrane with many uses and advantages for the user. PVC has high puncture strength and excellent abrasion resistance. It is ...

    By Colorado Lining International, Inc. (CLI) based in Parker, COLORADO (USA).

  • Bell - Model 3-5 Ton Class - Amphibious Excavator

    The 3-5 ton class Amphibious Excavator is part of Bell Dredging Pumps equipment. Main business is designing and manufacturing amphibious undercarriages for hydraulic excavators. We are also specialized in manufacturing dredging pumps and cutter suction dredgers.

    By Bell Dredging Pumps based in 1731 LR, NETHERLANDS. from Amphibious Excavator Product line

  • Defencell - Lowest Single Standing Flood Barrier

    Defencell offers has an amazing list of applications for a host of problems associated with flood defense, flood mitigation, and erosion control.   They are comprised of a heavy duty nonwoven geotextile and provide the lowest single standing flood barrier at 20” tall while allowing for vertical stacking of additional units as flood ...

    By Flood Defense Group LLC based in Boise, IDAHO (USA).

  • BIONET - Model COCCO 700 - Erosion Control Nets

    Fiber content: 100% coir fibers, non chemically treated. Durability: appr. 24-36 months. Weight: 700 g/sqm. Size: 2x50m; 2x25m. Packing: rolls or pressed bales.

    By Full Service Srl based in Saletto, ITALY. from Erosion Control Product line

  • Geobags Stopwave Geotextiles

    ROBUST GEOTEXTILE CONTAINERS FOR RIVERBANKS AND COASTLINE PROTECTION. The Stopwave system consists of sand-fi lled geotextile containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal and river erosion.

    By Tessilbrenta Srl based in Pove del Grappa (VI), ITALY. from Geosynthetics Product line

  • Geological Service

    Successful site planning and engineering design begins with competent assessment of the underlying geologic conditions that can affect the design, safety, effectiveness, and cost of a proposed project. The engineering geologists at SAGE combine their geologic expertise with decades of experience working with geotechnical, civil, and structural ...

    By SAGE Engineers, Inc. based in Roseville, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • River Bank Erosion

    River bank erosion occurs both naturally and through human impact. Rivers and streams are dynamic systems as they are constantly changing. The natural process of riverbank erosion can produce favorable outcomes such as the formation of productive floodplains and alluvial terraces. Even stable rivers have some amount of erosion occurring, however, ...

    By GEI Works, Inc. based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Erosion Control Product line

  • Coastal Erosion

    Coastal Erosion is a natural occurrence on exposed and sheltered coasts alike. Currents, waves, and sea level changes directly affect erosion on the coast. While we as humans can contribute to the problem, we also can do our part to prevent it and restore our shorelines.

    By GEI Works, Inc. based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Erosion Control Product line

  • Beach Erosion

    Beach Erosion has become a household name around the world as it continues as a growing problem. Whether the shore is sheltered or exposed currents, waves, and sea level change play a major role in the causes of this erosion type. One solution is 'beach restoration (beach nourishment)'. However, this is not only a temporary solution, but it is ...

    By GEI Works, Inc. based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Erosion Control Product line

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