The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

3 Days Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST) Examination Preparation Workshop



This workshop will provide you with the potential areas that will be covered on the OHST certification examination. You will receive a list of recommended resources available to continue your preparation for the exam and review content information utilizing a testing format.


  • Fundamentals: calculator, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics
  • Engineering technology
  • Basic and applied sciences
  • Law, regulations and standards
  • Control concepts
  • Investigation (post-event)
  • Survey and inspection techniques (pre-event)
  • Data computation and recordkeeping
  • Education, training and instruction

Workshop Content Domain 1: Assessing Safety, Health, Environmental and Security Risk

  • Research information pertaining to the business or operation using appropriate tools and references to obtain risk data, including catastrophic and emergency response scenarios using established techniques in order to reduced risk
  • Evaluate business and operations data by comparing data against internal history as well international, national or industry standards to  recognize and define risks
  • Conduct surveys of the business or operation in accordance with accepted survey methodology in order to recognize and control hazards

Domain 2: Hazard Control and Loss Prevention

  • Evaluate risk using established analytical techniques to prioritize preventative and corrective actions
  • Using research, determine appropriate hazard control techniques
  • Communicate the hazard control methods by identifying essential resources and implementation strategies to manage risk.
  • Implement and evaluate appropriate controls to manage risk

Domain 3: Verification and Continuous Improvement

  • Verify the implementation and effectiveness of hazard control measures to mage risks
  • Investigate incidents, accidents and near misses using established techniques to determine root causes, identify trends and improve corrective action plans
  • Implement assigned responsibilities for response plans to respond to disasters and other emergencies
  • Evaluate the compliance and implementation of response plans at regularly scheduled intervals by reviewing their applicability for present and emerging conditions to improve the plans

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