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Acoustic Intensity Training Theory & Applications


The course fee includes participation, course notes, lunches and refreshments. A full refund will be made for all cancellations received 30 days before the start of the course. No refunds will be granted after the 30 day deadline. Substitute attendees will be accepted at any time. In the event that we have to cancel the course, the course fee will be refunded in full, but we disclaim any further liability. The attendees are welcome to bring their own equipment, structure or product.

  • Fundamentals of Acoustics
  • Fourier Analysis & Digital Filtering
  • The Sampling Process
  • Time and frequency domain windowing
  • Time and frequency domain measurement

Sound Power Determination Using Sound Intensity

  • ISO 9614-1, ISO 9614-2, ANSI S12.12 and others

Fundamentals of Acoustics

  • Conventional acoustic terminology
  • Basic wave theory
  • Logarithms and the decibel scale
  • Adding/subtracting/averaging levels
  • Near, far, free and reverberant field
  • Time weighting and frequency analysis
  • Free field propagation
  • Sound power/pressure relationships

Acoustic Intensity Theory

  • Common analogies
  • Conceptualizations
  • Theoretical formulation of intensity
  • Acoustic Intensity Instrumentation
  • Microphones, intensity probes, RTA & FFT analyzers, and post processors
  • High/low frequency intensity measurement errors
  • Phase mismatch - sound field reactivity
  • Intensity system calibration

Acoustic Intensity Concepts

  • Definitions and levels
  • Particle velocity
  • Formulas
  • Intensity fields
  • Implementation
  • Effects of standing waves
  • Basic misconceptions

Acoustic Intensity Applications

  • Sound power determination
  • Source location - null microphone technique
  • mapping & ranking of noise sources
  • transmission loss, sound absorption, radiation efficiency, more

Hands on Laboratory Exercises

  • Sound pressure measurement
  • Sound intensity system calibration
  • Residual intensity measurement
  • Sound intensity mapping
  • Noise source identification
  • Sound power per ISO standards
  • Data reduction & presentation

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