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Aerial Lift Safety Training Course


In this Aerial Lift Safety course your employees will learn how to perform pre-operational inspections, safe fueling and battery charging, safe driving procedures, how to raise and lower the platforms, parking and dismounting procedures as well as other aspects of aerial lift safety. This online safety training course features broadcast quality video to present all of the course material.


Training for anyone operating or planning to operate aerial work platforms.

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
    • Daily inspection
    • Preparing to operate
  • Fueling and Battery Charging
    • Fueling
    • Battery charging
  • Entering the Lift
    • Getting on the platform
    • Fall protection
  • Starting and Operating the Lift
    • The recheck
    • In case of malfunction
  • Driving the Lift
    • Driving on ramps
    • Driving while elevated
  • Raising and Lowering the Platform
    • Procedures to raise and lower the platform
  • Parking and Dismounting
    • Proper parking procedures
    • Getting off the lift
    • Personal Responsibility
Intended Performance Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be better prepared to:
  • Inspect equipment prior to beginning work.
    • Recall the frequency of equipment inspections.
    • Identify items to look for during an inspection.
    • Recognize proper inspection procedures.
  • Inspect the work area prior to beginning work.
    • List items to inspect around the lift.
    • State the safe distance required from high-voltage power lines.
  • Safely fuel the lift.
    • Choose the proper platform placement when fueling a lift.
  • Properly charge a lift's battery.
    • Locate where a battery should be charged.
  • Properly and safely enter the lift.
    • Recognize proper entry procedure onto the platform.
    • Agree that a fall protection device with a lanyard must be worn and attached to the platform lanyard by anyone on the platform.
    • Recall that purpose of fall protection.
  • Use proper procedure when starting a lift.
    • Select items to check after starting the lift.
    • Explain the procedure to follow if a lift's control is not working properly.
  • Safely drive a lift.
    • Describe proper procedure to follow when encountering a ramp.
    • Select procedures to follow when driving with the lift elevated.
  • Properly raise and lower a lift's platform.
    • Describe the surface needed to elevate a platform.
    • Select proper steps to take if a platform or elevated assembly of a boom lift gets caught on another object.
    • Agree that it is never safe to use a work platform as a crane.
  • Properly park the lift.
    • Describe proper parking procedures for a lift.
  • Safely dismount a lift.
    • Choose safe procedures to follow when dismounting a lift.
  • Operate Aerial Lift Platforms responsibly.
    • Explain personal responsibilities when operating lifts.

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