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AERMOD Computer Modeling Laboratory



This 2-day course is designed for environmental professionals with little dispersion modeling experience who wish to use the AERMOD model or to better understand AERMOD results provided by others. Course topics include source characterization, building and terrain data, and results interpretation. The course includes hands-on modeling exercises and interactive lectures. It can be taken with the Fundamentals of Air Dispersion Modeling course, scheduled immediately prior, for more depth on scientific and regulatory fundamentals.

Course completion will enable attendees to:

  • Understand the basics of the AERMOD model, input data, and model options
  • Carry out a typical AERMOD modeling analysis
  • Produce and correctly interpret tables, plots, and other output from AERMOD

Course Topics

  • Air dispersion modeling objectives
  • The AERMOD modeling system
  • Emission source types and characterization
  • Defining the receptor domain
  • Creating model objects
  • Working with base maps
  • Projections, Control, Source, Meteorological, and Output Options
  • Receptor location selection
  • Terrain characterization (AERMAP processing)
  • Building wake effects (PRIME)
  • Meteorological data preparation (AERMET)
  • Post-processing analysis and graphical presentation
  • Culpability analyses
  • Sensitivity to model input parameters
  • Cause and effect assessment
  • Modeling in the urban environment
  • Quality assurance, documentation, and reports

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