The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA)

Air and Water Environmental Awareness Course



Keep the environment clean and comply with EPA regulations. This course explains how you can abide by the major laws for air and water safety – the Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. It explains how organizations can pollute air and water sources and cites specific practices – SDS use, dust-and-vapor control, monitoring, equipment maintenance, spill management, NPDES and water discharge permits – that can help eliminate potential air and water pollutants like hazardous chemicals and petroleum-based products.


  • History
  • Overview

Air Quality

  • Overview Of The Clean Air Act
  • Pollution Sources
  • Types Of Pollution
  • The Clean Air Act: Safe Work Practices

Water Quality

  • Overview And Effects Of Pollution
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Point And Non-point Source Overview
  • Permits
  • Safe Work Practices

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