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Basic User Kjeldahl Training Course



This course provides basic theoretical knowledge about the Kjeldahl method. In the practical part you will prepare blanks, reference substances and samples. After setting-up a method / sequence you will start digestion, distillation and titration. You will learn how a correctly digested sample should look like. Then you will prepare the system by calibrating the electrode and the pumps. In addition, you will learn how to optimize digestion and distillation parameters using the KjelOptimizer App.

Content of training

  • Basic theory about Kjeldahl method
  • Prepare blanks, reference substances and samples
  • Set up a method / sequence
  • Start digestion, distillation and titration
  • How a correctly digested sample should look like
  • Prepare the system: calibration of the electrode, set point determination of the colorimetric sensor
  • Introduction of the KjelOptimizer App

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