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Better Jetter Training Programs


All first time purchasers of US Jetting units receive one day of new unit training at time of delivery. US Jetting offers, for a nominal fee, one-day technician training seminars for unit operators and one-day marketing seminars for owners, managers and service technicians employed by plumbing, sewer & drain contractors. Training classes are regularly scheduled on a regional basis with open registration available to all. No other industry manufacturer has developed or committed to a series of extensive training programs like US Jetting.

Training personnel is an integral part of the business and is necessary for all jetting personnel to ensure expertise in safety, knowledge of equipment, use application and attitude to increase sales. Current employee operators benefit from instructional review and the latest in product developments. Newly hired employees benefit from a structured instructional course, not hand-me-down information from fellow employees. Each Better Jetter class is a full day course using a combination of classroom lectures, videos, PowerPoint graphic presentations and outside hands-on demonstrations with an actual US Jetting unit. The curriculum covers --- Training

  • High Pressure Jetting Theory
  • High Pressure Jetting Applications
  • Unit Maintenance
  • Operator & Worker Safety
  • Nozzle Selection & Design
  • Plumbing / Drain Systems
  • Septic Systems
  • Grease Trap Systems
  • Sewer Cleaning Techniques
  • Drain Cleaning Techniques
  • Marketing High Pressure Jetting Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Customer Interaction Skills

Better Jetter classes are limited in size to ensure maximum attendee interaction & discussion with the instructor. Municipal and industrial plant maintenance personnel can also benefit from attending. Courses contain a testing portion to reinforce the information learned and provide all successful attendees with a US Jetting Certificate.

Onsite Better Jetter courses provide refresher training for existing employees and formal training for new employees. Trained employees maintain jetting proficiency and profitability. Training also helps to reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

  • 'I had no idea all the things a jet could do.' (PA)
  • 'Made me feel confident in the work field using the jetter.' (CA)
  • 'Yes - Experienced 8 years in jetting and still learned a lot!' (FL)
  • 'The marketing section was very informative. I can see how easy it is to up sell from cabling jobs to jetter jobs' (SC)
  • 'Three classes held in my area and I've sent personnel to each class. Jetting sales are up and the training made the difference.' (NC -owner)
  • 'One of the better classes I've ever taken. Good job.' (TX)
  • 'The material was laid out in a manner which made it easy to understand and I feel that I will retain a very large percentage of it.' (OR)
  • 'When I run into a problem I'll remember the seminar.' (NY area)
  • 'Lots of new information discussed.' (CA)
  • 'Very informative. I learned different ways to maintain the jet equipment. My approach about selling the jet will change after this seminar.' (MA)
  • 'I should be more effective in my sales and cleaning skills.' (TX)
  • 'I found a lot of information on jetting and heads.' (TX in-house)
  • 'Very good class. Learned a lot about cleaning kitchen sink and floor drains.' (FL)
  • 'The instructor was very good at going into detail about the equipment and how it worked.' (SC)

US Jetting has developed the Better Jetter training program to support customers in the high pressure jetting industry. The Better Jetter Training Program is available throughout the year at various locations in the United States, and U.S. Jetting offers in-house training for larger groups. All Better Jetter seminars combine classroom presentations and hands-on training with a US Jetting unit. Upon successful completion, attendees receive a 'Better Jetter' certificate and access to US Jetting marketing materials and other expertise. To date, over 2000 operators have attended the Better Jetter seminar; click on the 'Training' tab in the left-hand navigation bar to learn more!

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