Blended Learning



Fleming. Blended Learning is and ideal mix of learning and it's operational implementation with maximum focus on practicality and application. This special long-term custom-made learning experience provides a combination of classroom In-House training, online courses and virtual classroom time, on-site visits, exams, implementation review and certifications. Get the ROI and see the results of your learning process in practice. This custom-made long-term learning program is the ideal solution for organizations which need to improve implementation, see visible result and get a high ROI. This combination of tailor-made topics, case studies and industry experts with many years industry experience will provides a unique learning experience and deliver quality improvement to your employees and company.

  • Site Visit
  • Exams
  • Implementation Review
  • Online Courses
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Classroom Courses

Main benefits for the Attendees:

  • Specific topics
  • Custom-made studies
  • Privacy
  • Focus on implementation
  • Expert with years of experience
  • Test & Certification

Learning has no value unless it is applied the best way to increase the implementation rate is troughs review and repetition. Start with face-to-face training led by an industry expert followed by e-learning modules, virtual classroom time and site visit with the trainer, with implementation review and final exam in the upcoming 3-12 months. Create your perfect learning mix and get real learning ROI.

Main benefits for the Company:

  • Cost & time saving
  • No need to be out of office
  • Customization
  • Independent expert/trainer/consultant
  • Maximum focus on implementation
  • High ROI

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