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You're familiar with the term 'Micro Learning' - short training events that are designed to deliver content using video or other engaging methods.  They're great for delivering new training, to refresh and reinforce knowledge, and they are often used to remind learners of training they've already received.

BOOST Training is Micro Learning, but with an upgrade.  Traditional Micro Learning still needs learners to come to it.  BOOST Training is delivered to the learner, with no need to ever enter a learning management system.   Learners receive the BOOST Training, take the short course, and answer a quick question, which is then automatically recorded in your organizations LMS. BOOST Training helps keep knowledge gained top of mind, plus it is:

  • Optimized for mobile learning
  • Created for today’s learners
  • Scenario-Based training
  • Quick! 3-5 minute micro courses
  • Delivered straight to email inbox—no login needed
  • Tracked through FirstNet’s Learning Management System 
  • Honing skills, refreshing knowledge, and increasing retention of critical information
  • Available from every FirstNet Learning course catalog:

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