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Certified Training Program


Learn how to use the GRI Standards with local trainers. Whether you are an existing reporter transitioning from G4 to GRI Standards, or starting your reporting journey for the first time, there are various training courses available.

The Certified Training Program gives you knowledge of the GRI Standards and reporting to facilitate their use within your organization. The courses cover a range of topics and are offered by selected training organizations in local language.

Whether you are thinking about preparing your first report, or you’re a seasoned sustainability specialist, you can learn new knowledge and skills with the GRI Support Suite. The Certified Training Program helps you develop your sustainability reporting know-how, so you can run a smooth and effective reporting process, producing the best possible GRI report.
There’s a lot to learn when it comes to sustainability reporting, and the Certified Training Program offers various courses that start with a basic introduction to sustainability reporting and going deeper into the GRI sustainability reporting process, focusing on your local sustainability issues throughout.
Signing up for a course means you will be building your knowledge, gaining skills and improving your report. You will leave with a certificate and a toolkit for success.
Learn more about the Certified Training Courses
The Certified Training Courses give you basic knowledge of GRI and explain how to use the GRI Standards for the sustainability reporting process. They also help the current users of GRI G4 Guidelines to make a smooth transition to GRI Standards.
The GRI Certified Standards Training course
Understand how to use the GRI Standards for a sustainability reporting process. 
Duration: 16 hours (minimum).
GRI Certified Training Module Transition to Standards
Make a smooth transition from GRI G4 Guidelines to GRI Standards.
Duration: 4 hours.
GRI Certified Training Module Materiality and stakeholder engagement in the GRI Standards
Understand the relevance and importance of materiality and stakeholder engagement in GRI reporting using the GRI Standards. 
Duration: 8 hours.
Both the GRI G4 Certified Training course and GRI Certified SMEs Training course are not valid anymore due to the fact that the G4 Guidelines phased out on 30 June 2018.

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