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Benefit from Specific Resources including; One-Stop Environmental Resource Center, Wastewater Training - either Onsite or Online, Cost Reduction Opportunities to Increase your Bottom Line and Strategies to Conserve-On-Water!

Access examples of Tool use as follows:

Educational Videos:
Featured Video:

Math Solutions Play List:

Gallons in Circular Tank Calculation:

Detention Time & Lb. Calculations:

Bio WWT Process Control Calculations:

Flow Rate Conversions:

My LinkedIn Group: (Wastewater Math calculated on Electronic Spreadsheets)

 The Environmental Resource Tool is an element of ESDLT’S Environmental Academy.

Environmental Academy home page may also be accessed at

Training Services of Environmental Services presents ESDLT’S ENVIRONMENTAL ACADEMY which  provides EDUCATION resources by Division.

 Each Division of ESDLT’s Environmental Academy contains, but is not limited to; the following:

 1.) Resources for Self Schooling-Terms and definitions.

 2.) Training Courses-Real Time (live) on your computer via the WorldWide Web.

 3.) Learning & Education Links to other Web Sites.

 To access theEnvironmental Academy ‘s Education resource of interest; click the appropriate Division below: 




 Web Based Training by Division is also available. To view Web Based Training offers; click this link: WEB BASED TRAINING

 To view a complete index of Environmental Service’s offers & events; click this link: ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE’S (ESDLT)-OFFERS & EVENTS

 Contact Dan for ANSWERS to your Questions by clicking: ANSWERS or Phone-TOLL FREE: (1-866-815-7819)

The Environmental Resource Tool Box: Containing; Tools for Measuring Environmental Compliance!

The Three Tools for Measuring Environmental Compliance are as follows:
1.) Permitting
2.) Operating
3.) Training
The Environmental Resource Tool is an element of ESDLT’S Training Services.

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