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Contract Terms & Conditions - The Law Training Course



English Legislation is often chosen by international organisations as the preferred law for their terms and conditions of contract. This 5-day course will aid contracting, procurement and sales professionals understand the essential principles of terms and conditions that are the vital components of any procurement contract.

  • Procurement professionals.
  • Operations managers.
  • Finance managers.
  • Commodity specialists.
  • Supply chain managers.
  • Senior sales personnel.
  • Managers and executives.
  • Senior buyers.

  • Read and understand complicated T&C’s.
  • Employ a hierarchy of terms and negotiating positions.
  • Act as an ‘intelligent customer’ to legal advisors.
  • Negotiate more complicated T&C’s by video role-play to increase effectiveness and application.
  • Understand what ‘damages’ may result from T&C failures.

  • The background of common/case/statute law.
  • The 7 essentials of a valid contract.
  • The legal process of the contract.
  • Identification of term v warranties v conditions.
  • The sales of goods act.
  • The unfair contract terms act.
  • The consumer rights act.
  • Tort & criminal liability.
  • Risk management.

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