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Crisis Management Team Training

This training course is designed to meet corporate expectations and values and understand how a crisis scenario may look like for an Enterprise. The program delineates what an organization must develop and implement to avoid or minimize crisis, and successfully response if the crisis is not avoidable. Additionally, it discusses the CMT process and procedures, communication protocols and crisis network, and what skills that a Good Crisis Manager needs to demonstrate.

Media Management Training
Effective communication and reputation management often makes the difference between succumbing to a crisis and surviving it. This training course aims to articulate, insightful spokespeople as the cornerstone of any crisis communications program. CCG’s media training helps clients to develop and deliver clear, credible messages in interviews and presentations.

Humanitarian Assistance
Humanitarian Assistance refers to the help provided to employees, family members, co-workers and anyone else that may be affected by a tragic, violent or traumatic event. This assistance is provided during and after a crisis/disaster, and it consists of a number of different elements including family notification, injury/fatality tracking and psychological (defusing, debriefing & counseling) services. The training goals are focused on both individuals and the organization. CCG has established a training support agreement with Perspectives, a Chicago Humanitarian Assistance Training Company with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in debriefing and counseling support.

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