DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping for Environmental Professionals Training Course



Environmental professionals responsible for shipping supplies, equipment, and samples related to hazardous waste site investigation and remediation may be required to meet the DOT's regulations for shipping hazardous materials. This web-based, online course discusses the fundamentals of shipping hazardous materials and hazardous wastes, including quantity exemptions and exceptions which may apply to environmental samples.

Some samples will be classified as hazardous materials. Individuals shipping these items must comply with the Hazardous Materials Regulations. The regulations require individuals to receive initial training and be retrained at least once every 3 years.

This course also covers the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, and is geared towards individuals who sign manifests for shipments of hazardous waste.

A brief discussion of shipments to and from Canada is also included.

This course is based on the requirements for training as specified in 49 CFR 172 Subpart H, including testing of participants.

Course Fee: $150

Environmental professionals who are involved with handling, shipping, or receiving hazardous materials, including samples of hazardous waste. This may include:

  • samplers
  • drillers
  • engineers
  • geologists
  • laboratory technicians
  • scientists
  • field technicians
  • hazardous waste handlers
  • environmental professionals

Topics include:

  • General Awareness
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Hazardous Materials Table
  • Exceptions and Exemptions
  • Environmental Samples and Equipment
  • Shipping Papers
  • Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
  • Training Requirements
  • Security Awareness Training

After completing this series, participants should be able to: locate and use the Federal hazardous materials regulations; properly label and mark hazardous material containers for shipment; complete Bill of Lading for hazardous materials (including Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest); select proper packaging for hazardous materials; understand the vehicle placarding requirements; and develop appropriate emergency response information to accompany shipments.

Linda R. Taylor, PE

Ms. Taylor is a faculty member in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Technology at NC State University and is the former Director of Environmental Health & Safety at North Carolina State University's IES. She has over 20 years of engineering experience working in industry and environmental consulting, most recently with Progress Energy. She has provided instruction on a wide range of environmental, health, and safety topics at conferences and training courses, both live and online, and she is an OSHA authorized instructor.

Ms. Taylor received a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Valuable assistance was provided by CDM during the development of this course.

Citation: 49 CFR 172.704

DOT's training requirements for shipping hazardous materials is located in 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart H. In addition to initial training [49 CFR 172.704(c)(1)], DOT requires 'recurrent training' every 3 three years.

'A hazmat employee shall receive the training required by this subpart at least once every three years.' [49 CFR 172.704(c)(2)]

Refresher Training Required: Every 3 year(s).

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