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Driver/Operator Training


Vehicle training, safety and efficiency: Operating heavy machinery is very dangerous for the untrained. A Dennis Eagle RCV needs to be treated with respect and operated only by those who are qualified to do so. It’s our duty to ensure that anyone operating or working with our vehicles is trained to do so.

Safety and Efficiency

Our aim is to ensure that you have a vehicle built precisely to your needs and the budget to make the most of it. Our training maximises your teams’ potential, highlighting safety and efficiency gains with detailed instruction and in-depth knowledge of how the RCV works.

Train a trainer

We encourage our operators to ensure that at least one of their supervisors receives the training to allow them to train their own crew in turn. As with Driver & Crew training, we provide an official certificate to state that the individual is fully qualified.

Vehicle Commissioning

When we deliver a new vehicle, we will train your staff at a site of your choosing on the operation and control of the chassis and cab, body, compaction mechanisms and bin lift equipment. When the training is completed, we will provide those who took the programme with an official Driver/Operator training certificate.

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