CIRAD (Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement)



Giving everyone the chance to learn, overcoming isolation, creating knowledge networks, and extending and enriching its training operations. To enable research teams to at least partly overcome geographical constraints and make its training services more efficient, CIRAD offers e-learning courses in animal epidemiology, modelling, natural resource management, socioeconomics of development, environmental risk management, etc.

Access to the e-learning platform

The advantages of e-learning
This learning method makes optimum use of the latest progress in the telecommunications (ICT) field, representing an undeniable ecological advantage.

  • Strengthening and supporting existing courses.
  • Spreading the acquisition of theoretical knowledge over longer periods that can be adapted to differing schedules.
  • Cutting the amount of time during which researchers and students are unavailable.
  • Assessing geographically scattered populations of students and teachers, and significantly extending the scope of the courses on offer.
  • Associating partners in the South with training operations.
  • Densifying and developing loyalty among partner networks.
  • Contributing to the development of South/South partnership networks.


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